Adventuring Gear (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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Item Cost Weight
Ammo pouch 6 gp 3 lb
Boiler 200 gp 8 lb
Clockwork repeater 8 gp 2 lb
Diver's bellows 25 gp 3 lb
Diver's tank 30 gp 5 lb
Drift gauge 5gp 1 lb
Earthenstone brush 3gp 2 lb
Geling sap 5 gp 1 lb
Gummabust oil 1 gp
Hose pipe (10 feet) 3 gp 5 lb
Land grapples 15 gp 4 lb
Magic ball 20 gp 2 lb
Mechabutzian drill 25 gp 4 lb
Mechabutzian spanner 10 gp 5 lb
Mechabutzian wrench 2 gp 2 lb
Phthuff syringe 6 gp
Phthuff tube 5 gp 2 lb
Pistonium girdle 3 gp 1 lb
Pistonium stiletto 5 gp 0.5 lb
Pivotkin 15 gp 3 lb
Puritis crystals 30 gp 1 lb
Puritis jar 5 gp 2 lb
Reservoir auger 40 gp 3 lb
Special detector goggles 10 gp 1 lb

Ammo pouch. Worn over the shoulder, holds 20 pieces of ammunition.

Boiler. A portable boiler for heating liquids or providing warmth.

Clockwork repeater.A clockwork repeater is used to expand tunnels and also can be used as a weapon.

Diver's bellows. They serve to equalize the pressure in the Diver's tank.

Diver's tank. Water-tight tank worn on the back, used for underwater excursions.

Drift gauge. Preferred by miners and others who must measure and map Mechabutzia's exact dimensions. Using an action, you can determine the size of an enclosed area you are in.

Earthenstone brush. A brush made of soft earthenstone. It is used to clean and garnish the exposed krolinium in the underworks.

Geling sap. Geling sap is used in the treatment of burns. As an action, you can apply the sap to a creature, restoring up to 5 hit points caused by fire damage within the last 1 minute.

Gummabust oil. A creamy yellow colored thick oil. Gummabust oil is made from local nambikar flowers. The oil smells faintly of flowers and steam.

Hose pipe.A rubber pipe that allows the transfer of liquid or gas.

Land grapples. Are used as a means of rappelling as opposed to a tool for climbing sheer surfaces.

Magic ball. You can throw the ball up to 20 feet. On impact, it expands to a translucent hemisphere, 10 feet in radius, that allows solids to pass through, but not liquid or gas.

Mechabutzian drill. Used to drill through the tough materials found in Mechabutzia. It has a short heat-powered wooden shaft with a few iron spikes on the end. As an improvised weapon it deals 2d6 piercing damage. If it hits an object, the hit is a critical hit.

Mechabutzian spanner. This tool is used to connect and tighten nuts, bolts and threads.

Mechabutzian wrench. With a wrench, you can loosen or tighten any maintenance hatch.

Phthuff syringe. The sryinge carries one does. You can use an action to inject Phthuff into a creature. That creature gains resistance to lightning for 10 minutes.

Phthuff tube.

Pistonium girdle. A specially designed and lubricated pistonium girdle. When you take falling damage, the damage is reduced by 5. The girdle can absorb up to 20 points of damage this way before it is destroyed.

Pistonium stiletto. This slender device functions as a dagger and a key (often an ignition key).

Pivotkin. The pivotkin is a cylindrical-shaped stick with glass on both ends. The glass is curved, allowing you to see in a wide arc.

Puritis crystals. Puritis crystals are precipitous crystals that are made by growing a mold of pulp and water on the surface of a molten meat paste. They can be used to clean up a mess. You can use an action to crush a crystal scatter the dust in a 10-foot square. Oily and slimy hazards will evaporate after 1 minute. An ooze in the area must make a DC 15 Constitution check or take 1d10 necrotic damage.

Puritis jar. A Puritis jar is a spherical jar with some liquid in it that is used for cleaning up stains. A common puritis jar is 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches high excluding the handle and spout.

Reservoir auger. Reservoir auger is a small compact auger that is typically used to break holes through the rigid and compact Olioto to release the fluids beyond. A reservoir auger is a metal rod that is 2 feet in length, a twisted tip and a metal handle. A metal band is placed around it that is able to securely carry it.

Special detector goggles. Special detector goggles have a plain glass lens in the center which can be seen through and translucent viewing lenses on either side of the center lens. These glasses operate much like a compass. They quiver when within range of searching for dantellite. Created by the Gummabusts.

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