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In very rare cases, a shinobi transcends village structure, most often by proving themselves to be of such power and of such little loyalty or threat to any village that they are simply allowed to roam the world without the classification of rogue-nin.

Legendary Genin[edit]

Name CR

Legendary Chunin[edit]

Name CR

Legendary Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Menma Uzumaki 20
Toneri 17

Legendary Kage[edit]

Name CR
God Tree Seed 20
Hagoromo, Young 23
Hamura, Young 23
Jiraiya 19
Orochimaru 20
Tsunade 20

Legendary Otsutsuki[edit]

Name CR
Asura 27
Boro 30
Code 38
Code, Limiters 32
Deepa 28
Delta 30
Garo 28
Hagoromo 26
Hagoromo, Jinchuriki 26
Hamura 26
Hamura, Tenseigan 26
Indra 27
Isshiki 40
Jigen 37
Kaguya 30
Kawaki 27
Kawaki, Code Arc 29
Kinshiki 28
Koji Kashin 28
Madara, Six Paths 28
Momoshiki 30
Momoshiki, Transformed 34
Obito, Six Paths 26
Toneri, Tenseigan 32
Urashiki 26
Urashiki, Transformed 30
Victor 30

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