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Laser pistols (or lightbringers) are handguns that emit a beam of focused light capable of doing considerable damage depending on the wattage of the pistol, which is powered by an internal capacitor, which in turn is charged by an energy cell. There exist several laser pistols lines, the two major ones being the Wattz and AEP lines which produce civilian and military laser weapons respectively, with the largest difference being in the design of the focusing optics. Typically, civilian models are built using a laser focusing diode that creates a less powerful beam compared to military and law enforcement models which employ complex photonic focusing chambers and crystal arrays to create stronger, more destructive beams.

AEP7 Laser Pistol
APOLLO Laser Pistol
Dual-Blast Laser Pistol
Mini Laser Shotgun
MV-1 Laser Pistol
Recharger Pistol
Recharger Pistol, Hyperbreeder
Solar Scorcher
Wattz 1,000 Laser Pistol

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