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The theme for Issue 2 is "Magic Weapons"

Update 15th September

You can find Issue 2 of Houserule on D&D Wiki using the following link File:Houserule Issue 2.pdf.

Issue 2 of Houserule is now available at DriveThruRPG, my thanks again to all the contributors involved!

Candidate Articles



P.S. Will be fixing the Rune Blade (5e Archetype) if nobody minds.







Going through 3.5e Magical Weapon Enhancements so far I have added:

Legacy item



Need 20 trinkets tangentially related to magic weapons. Remember the trinkets themselves do not have to be magical (they are "simple items lightly touched by mystery").

  1. A light cord that wraps around a weapons handle, when the weapon is grasped the cord automatically loops around the wielders wrist and keeps the weapon within reach if it is dropped. (Cursed varieties are put on throwing weapons as some kind of sick joke.)
  2. A rag wrapped around the scabbard of the sword that magically whisks away blood and other liquids from a sword as it is sheathed.
  3. An empty scabbard with a remarkably intricate design etched into the leather. The design, with enough study, may be interpreted as a map that leads to the location of the sword that goes with the scabbard
  4. A bill of sale for two dozen magic morningstars, sold by Alvin Cogsbottom and purchased by Farbgarble (bugbear warlord).
  5. A blue blade shard that ringing with a humming voice, if a person holds the piece for long enough he will start hearing voices that urge him to kill and claim souls for it.
  6. An impossibly sharp pen that will always be in the owners pocket when they reach into it.
  7. An axe with a Mithril head whose surface shimmers like flowing water in whatever direction is down
  8. A pair of tailors shears that can cut through any kind of leather.
  9. A curious talking ebony walking stick, well versed in history and swordplay. (Posting as Ixidor, not logged in.)
  10. A stout box packed with rare moss and lined with lead. This box fools all but the most powerful means of magical detection. (Posting as Ixidor, not logged in.)
  11. An old, worn smith's hammer, its head is always hot to the touch.
  12. A greatclub made from a simple quarterstaff with a small jade sphere wedged into one end. When swung, the jade leaves a faint trail of color.
  13. A mithral sword that, to all but the most expert Dwarven craftsmen, appears to be a simple iron sword of poor construction.
  14. A smooth river stone with shards of bone stuck into it, if you look hard enough you can see that the bones are not of a humanoid but of a giant.
  15. A steel hammer made with strange style of manufacturing and with runes on it, if you how to read Abyssal then you can see it is clearly saying with broad letters: HAIL TO THE KING OF THE ROCK (Meant as a joke)
  16. A small silver rod which when rolled between your hands emits sounds as though a lute were being played by a master softly nearby
  17. The right half of a broken bronze circlet with a light leafy pattern that when placed on your head, stays in place as though the other half was still there
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