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Red Queen[edit]

Red Queen Sword

The Red Queen is appropriate for characters in the Paragon tier and upward. The Red Queen is a +3 longsword.

Red Queen
Paragon Level
This weapon is 42 inches long, with a blade length of just under 32 inches. It is constructed with a mechanical, magical shift system which can increase the weapon's damage. This system is known as "Exceed" and can be released three times separately, or all three in one powerful blow.
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.
♦ At the end of an extended rest, you gain three Exceed points. These are lost at the start of your next extended rest.
♦ When you use the Red Queen to attack a creature with the undead, devil or demon keyword, you gain a +1 bonus to the attack roll.
♦ All untyped damage dealt by weapon attacks using this weapon change to lightning damage.
♦ You gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks made while wielding the sword
Ranged.png Attack Power (Lightning) ♦ Daily (Standard Action)
Attack: Ranged 10; +18 vs Reflex; Range 10; 3d8 + 5 lightning damage and the target takes 10 ongoing lightning damage (save ends). Saves against this ongoing damage are made with a -5 penalty.
Utility Power ♦ At-Will (No Action)
Trigger: You hit a creature with a melee attack with the Red Queen.
Effect: You spend one, two or three Exceed points. You deal an additional 1d8 untyped damage per Exceed point you spend.

Goals of The Red Queen[edit]

  • To cleanse the world of all demons, devils, and the undead.
  • To save the lives of those who are in danger of loosing their own.
  • Never back down from a superior opponent: Overcome them!
  • Do not slay any living creature other than devils and demons.

Roleplaying the Red Queen[edit]

The Red Queen is an object long forgotten, and carries within it the spirit of its creator. He is on a constant mission to save someone to whom he had been unable to, and now embodies those ideals on less of a personal level. Aiming to slay all unnatural monsters out of revenge, and prevent women from being drawn into the battles of men out of regret. Not having been one to back down in life, part of the reason for his demise, he attempts to shine that into anyone who wields him, encouraging them to never flee from a fight, regardless of the odds against them. There is a lot of regret and revenge inside of this sword, and it wishes for harm not to befall anyone unnecessarily.


When gripped for the first time nothing of any supernatural behavior happens, the weapon seems to be a normal sword, though a strange one at that. The First time the wielder uses it in battle they'll realize that something is strange, and understand that their rests a soul inside of it. However the legacy of this item will not reveal itself until the "Exceed" System is used, ether by fluke or understanding of the object through historical notations. Once unleashed there will be a connection between the two, and asks the wielder to take up his fallen quest of slaying demons and saving those in distress.

Starting Score 5
Owner gains a level +1d10
Owner kills an Undead or Demon or Devil (maximum 1/encounter) +1
Owner saves a damsel in distress (maximum 1/encounter) +1
Owner defeats an opponent of a higher level (maximum 1/day) +1
Owner or ally kills a creature that is not Undead or Demon or Devil -2
Owner makes use of a different weapon (maximum 1/encounter) -2

Pleased (16-20)[edit]

"Together we can purge the world of evil"
Enthusiastic about the job done in defeating those around the sword begins to channel his energy more into the owner than ever before. The spirit the lay within the sword is visible around the owners body as the blade is used. The two fight together as one making attack reach all the further.

Property: The owner gains Immunity to Fire damage.
Property: The owner can exchange one minor action for an extra "Exceed" Point once per encounter
Property: The weapon gains a reach one bonus due to the spiritual being lurking over top the owner's body
Property: The Damage of the weapon increases to 1d12

Satisfied (12-15)[edit]

"The World isn't nearly safe enough yet"
At this stage The Red Queen is unsure as to the path its owner follows, not willing to grant over all of its powers just yet, but their is still hope in it that the wielder will strive to meet its goal as well. However it will take much hoaxing to keep the sword from breaking out of this stage...

Property: Gain 10 Resistance to Fire damage.
Property: The owner can exchange one Standard action for an extra "Exceed" Point once per encounter
Property: The Damage of the weapon increases to 1d10.

Normal (5-11)[edit]

"Become One With Me and We Can Save the World."
The Sword feels as though the owner might have a personality compatible with its own, However it urges to feel more from them before opening itself up.

Unsatisfied (1-4)[edit]

"You're Far too much like the demons i wish to destroy..."
The Sword no longer appreciates the company of its owner, and will punish the wielder until the owner gets rid of the sword, or acts more appropriately towards a relationship that it will enjoy.

Property: The Damage of the weapon is reduced to 1d6
Property: The Sword Requires you to spend a standard action to change its type between fire and untyped.
Property: The rod’s enchantment bonus drops to +1.
Property: You lose your bonus to Intimidate checks.
Property: You cannot use any ability with "Fire" In the keyword when wielding this sword.

Angered (0 or lower)[edit]

"I fear I have angered forces far beyond my control."
At this point the sword is sending out waves of utter terror and futility. It wants nothing more then to be rid of its owner and will soon leave to find a better host.

Property: The Swords’s enchantment bonus is removed
Property: The wielder takes 5 ongoing fire damage when using the sword
Property: The Sword's Damage is reduced to 1d4

Moving On[edit]

"My Wielder is as much a demon inside as anything i would try to slay"
When the sword no longer wishes to stay with the person who holds it, it erupts into a burst of flames, causing 5 ongoing fire damage to the person holding it (save ends) and a burst 1 attack +15 vs Fortitude attack dealing 1d10 damage if its “Unsatisfied” Doubling the damage if it is “Angered”.

However in a case that the sword feels it needs to move on and help other souls obtain their power the sword emits a large blast of flame that seems to be alive and moves on, leaving a physical sword of the same type and style with this blade as a "Normal" amount of satisfaction.

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