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A Little Bit about Me

Hey all, this is my personal page. I started work on this site back in 2009. I took over, cleaned up, and finished Gaia and Adonai really just for fun and to flex my html skills. From there I began transferring my life project Dominaria into the wiki. I've been playing D&D since 2001 or so and began creating my world soon thereafter. I named my world after my favorite setting in Magic the Gathering but it isn't related much. Except for Basic Training, I've run the world uninterrupted since and it's been a constant battle to get what I have on paper into the wiki, especially as work speeds up. My philosophy on D&D is that I play the world and that as my players move through it they shape the history and peoples they come in contact with. This player driven narrative has created some life-long friends and an interesting story, but it's tough to keep track of in real time! So I continue to wage my war on the wiki's server space, often blazing paths as my players move through the world - updating what I have on paper as they play through and then typing it in. I jump around in order to force myself to stay engaged and keep up the progress, and am finishing sections from time to time, but I expect I'll be at this for quite some time.

So that's me; hit me up if you have questions on pictures, navboxes, city or country profile boxes, how to organize campaigns, or even how to start! My passion is gaming and creating worlds and characters and I'm always down to read what you have and swap advice.

As far as I go, if you have good ways to figure out what to link to what inside an article let me know. Say you were reading an article on a city. How much would you want to link out to other articles on specific events or other cities? I don't have a great answer yet. Also, how do I hide things? Is my wiki organized well? Thanks!

An Update

I'm one year into project: Dominaria Wiki and it's been a helluva fun time. Loads more work than I though it would be, and challenging to keep at it when you have such an immense amount of material and there's just so much I want to do! It's been good for my players though, and good for me to get my head around all my stuff and tie it all together.

Update the Second

I'm now well into year four of the project and I'm playing catch-up. Year three took a major dive because I was a flight scheduler. I worked a lot of 12s and my ability to function and write really dropped off. But now two things have conspired to get me back into this. Now that I'm in Current Ops my schedule has opened dramatically, and I finally have an in-person D&D group again. My online groups have been plagued with typical online issues but this in-person group is really motivating. So here I am, back at it. I plan to have the PHB section of my wiki fully fleshed out by the end of the year and ready to get onto a printable PDF booklet if needed. Boom, now it's in writing and the race is on!

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