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Zaggon Blade: The Zaggon Blade was forged by a master dwarf who left his home, his business and his family to train with a master stone giant smith in a near by mountain peak. The dwarves and the giants had been mortal enemies for years until the dwarf smith mastered his masters techniques and made a new weapon, he named it after his master calling his blade Zaggon, he returned to his people and taught them his skills and his tale of friendship. The blood feud cooled over time and when new threats entered the area the dwarves even sent help to the neighboring giants.

The Zaggon Blade is a +3 bastard sword, when a command word is spoken the wielder can split the sword into two blades, a +2 longsword and a +2 short sword with basic stats for each. The enhancement bonus is reflected above.

CL 8th; Craft Magic Weapons, Mirror Image, +3; Cost See text.; Market Price: 16,670 gp

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