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Morsblade: This beautiful bastard sword has a smooth unmarked blade that gleams as if made of polished silver. Light that reflects off its surface is tinted a deep emerald green giving the blade an unearthly glow in any level of illumination.

A black leather grip covers the dark black metal hilt, the worn leather of the hilt almost seeming to fade into the darkness of the metal. The pommel is set with a large emerald, and careful examination or insufficient external light reveals a steady gleam of illumination from the gem. This light does not suffice for any form of light-dependent vision, although it may serve to reveal the presence of the sword in the dark.

This sword was created by the Athar to help in their battle against Tiamat's children. While they forged the blade Nicor managed to infuse the metals with a curse that would allow the chaotic taint of the Abyss to infect its wielder. Unknowing, the Athar finished the blade and put it to use; once its curse was discovered the blade was cast aside and long lost.

Morsblade is a +4 Defender bastard sword. Three times per day, it can be activated to increase the wielder's strength. This is a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength with a duration of 1 minute per character level of the wielder, or until the Morsblade is no longer wielded. In addition, on activating this power the wielder feels oddly nauseous. They must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or 2 points of Taint (Corruption).

If the Taint Rules presented in Heroes of Horror are not being used, then failure results in the wielder's taking 2 points of Charisma drain. A wielder who reaches 0 Charisma immediately transforms into a Chaos Beast, with all traces of the former personality gone.

CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; shield or shield of faith; bull's strength; Cost 36,187 gp + 1,809 XP; Market Price: 72,375 gp

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