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Marasame is appropriate for characters of the middle of the Epic tier. Marasame functions as a +6 Vorpal Bastard sword.

Epic Level
This 3'6" sword has a fang like temper line along the edge of the blade. The steel has a hint of red, blue, green white and black from point to guard and has a black cotton wrap on the hilt.
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.
♦ Marasame grants you Breath weapon.
♦ When wielding Marasame you gain Resistance 15 to Breath Weapon damage.
♦ Marasame grants a +5 bonus to skill checks to friendly interact with chromatic dragons.
♦ Chromatic dragons see you as a dragon rather than a humanoid.
♦ Dragonborn are openly friendly with you at first impression. Kobolds however, see you as a chosen Messiah of Tiamat.
Power (Fire, Cold, Acid, Poison, Lightning) ♦ 2d6"2d6" is not in the list (Daily, Encounter, At-Will, Consumable) of allowed values for the "4e Item Usage" property. (Standard Action)
Breath weapon as a dragon of the above categories your level or lower (I.E Level 20 can use an Adult red's breath, but not an elders)

Goals of Marasame[edit]

  • To serve the goals of powerful rulers.
  • To lead dragonkind to its rightful place as dominant species.
  • Defend the weak and show them the wonder of draconic masters.
  • Defeat any creature that dares to question the innate right of dominance of Dragons

Roleplaying Marasame[edit]

Marasame is an unaligned item. It allows only those with the will to lead to hold it, but should it be alone and a weak or powerless being require the aid of a strong weapon in the immediate area, the sword will call to it (or if it is sheathed with its current owner it will tell them to fight) and tell them that the will of the dragons was what saved them, not the sword. Marasame advises its owner on their decisions, pointing out flaws where it sees them and agreeing when it sees a good plan. Marasame is immediately will order its wielder to take a submissive stand when dealing with dragons however. Marasame has a distaste for demons, giants and certain undead, as they tend to think themselves more powerful than dragons. In terms of alignment, Marasame is indifferent if it is wielded by an exemplar of good, or a paragon of ultimate evil, so long as they adhere to the commands of dragon kind.


When Marasame first draws blood the wielder learns its name and nature. At that point they will feel a compulsion to obey and serve dragon kind. If the wielder agrees they join with Marasame and begin building concordance with the rod, and they gain the powers granted by its properties above. If they disagree the Marsame will begin telling them the benefits and the reasons why to obey dragonkind, telling them that in time they will see the true path.

Starting Score 5
Owner gains a level +1d10
Owner kills an enemy of dragonkind (maximum 1/encounter) +1
Owner uses a power with the Fire, Acid, Cold, Poison, or Lightning keyword (maximum 1/encounter) +1
Owner worships Bahamut or Tiamat +2
Owner or ally kills a Dragon only for the sake of taking its hoard -2
Owner or ally kills an unhatched dragon (maximum 1/encounter) -2

Pleased (16-20)[edit]

"I can feel the warmth of the embers left in the righteous flame."
Marasame and its wielder are closely connected through their desire to serve dragons. Marasame thinks as its owner, and the owner thinks as Marasame.

Property: The owner gains Immunity to Fire damage.
Property: The Resistance to Breath Weapon damage increases to 30.
Property: The owner gains Frightful Presence as a dragon their level or lower

Satisfied (12-15)[edit]

"The blood I once had is to my masters."
At this point Marasame is willing to let the owner seek their own adventures, so long as they speak of the greatness of dragonkind along the way. While left to its own devices Marasame begins to influence its owner's combat style and even its personality, causing them to become arrogant and self absorbed.

Property: The Resistance to Breath Weapon damage increases to 25.
Property: Dragonborn now see the weilder of Marasame as a chosen Messiah as kobolds do and Dragons regard you as a valuable ally.

Normal (5-11)[edit]

"I hear voices."
Marasame constantly whispers tidbits of the dragon superiority to its wielder. When thoughts of anti-dragon acts arise, it begins to feel heavy, and if those acts are committed it feels outright unwieldy.

Unsatisfied (1-4)[edit]

"Does anyone else smell burnt flesh?"
Marasame is finding it insufferable to be in the possession of one so obviously not dedicated to it's purpose. It retracts many of its bonuses and continually sends out waves of fear and depression. It will reward the owner with intense bursts of pleasure if he/she even so much as thinks a dark thought, but will quickly resume punishing them until it becomes more satisfied.

Property: The owner loses all Resistances to Breath Weapon damage.
Property: The owner takes a -5 to any rolls dealing with Dragons, Kobolds, or Dragonborn.
Property: Marasame's enchantment bonus drops to +4.
Property: Dragonborn have a nagging distrust of you and kobolds look at you as a
Property: Dragons see you as you are and have their normal demeanor towards you.

Angered (0 or lower)[edit]

"My eyes feel blurry and my focus seems weak."
At this point Marasame wracks the wielders mind like claws across flesh, making it uncomfortable to focus and sleep uneasy.

Property: Marasame enchantment bonus drops to +2.
Property: The wielder gains Vulnerability 10 to Breath Weapons.
Property: All attacks made by Dragons, dragonborn and kobolds against the owner gain a +4 bonus to hit.

Moving On[edit]

"There are others to follow this path."
When Marasame feels it is time to move on it does so during the next time its owner sleeps, turning into a small whirlwind of color and leaving behind a gem that pulses with the 5 base chromatic colors (red, blue, green, black and white) worth 50,000 gp. The gem marks the owner as a valued contributor to dragon kinds eventual rise and ceases pulsing and becomes a diamond if sold.

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