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Design Note: CR for Cookiefolk creatures is based on what level of PC they represent, rather than at what level a full party should be to equal them. For more information on this, see this discussion page.

Standard Creatures[edit]

Name CR

Cookiefolk NPCs[edit]

Players can claim an official Cookie Run character to use during a campaign. However, DMs can have certain characters be used as allied or enemy NPCs as a key encounter during the journey if no player has taken it yet.

Common Rank[edit]
Name CR
Rare Rank[edit]
Name CR
Epic Rank[edit]
Name CR
Bell Pepper Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 13 15
Dark Choco Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Frankenstein Monster Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Lemon Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Raspberry Mousse Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Tiger Lily Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 1 15
Vampire Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Werewolf Cookie (Cookie Run Supplement) 15 15
Ancient Rank[edit]
Name CR
Legendary Rank[edit]
Name CR

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