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Cookie Run Kingdom[edit]

Cookie Run Kingdom by Devsisters

A food-themed campaign setting set on the delicious world of Earthbread, the land where Cookie Run Kingdom takes place. The players are only allowed to use cookie-folks for the sake of consistency.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Cookiefolks have professions and specialties, you know? These are the available classes that a cookie individual can perform.
The world of Cookie Run allows many shapes, tastes, and variations of Cookiefolks, including the outer space Alien Doughnuts!
The Ancient Workshop. Where an abandoned artillery, armory, and tool craft was hidden for many years until a cookie-folk with a key rediscovered it.

World of Cookie Run

The World & Locales
Earthbread not only is characterized by its food-themed lands like the hot and cold deserted snow Yogurca or the delicious Hollyberry Kingdom, or even the greeny healthy Hamlet, it also has a machine metropolis, wastelands.
Being part of a guild house (Which mixes elements of pantheons and factions) benefits a cookie, which will grant them great bonuses as well an additional boost when fighting side by side with another member of the guild.
The list of vicious creatures or cookiefolks that may appear during the encounters.

Dungeon Master's Guide

Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within Earthbread legends.
Pets in a Cookie Run campaign are optional, you can choose between an OvenBreak experience, where Pets have an important role and help in combat and certain situations, or a Kingdom experience, where Pets don't do turns and are just decoration, or just plain don't exist at all.

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