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Y'alathar, or as it's more commonly referred, Beachblush, is a water-locked, coastal country to the Northwest of Uplar. It has a population of approximately 2 million inhabitants of various races largely concentrated in a few large cities, with a smaller grouping of people in 31 towns across the region. Due to its geographical placement, Beachblush has very diverse terrain. From its Southern regions, which boast fair, almost tropical weather, to its northernmost islands, mountainous, cold and sparsely populated.

114 years ago, the former king of the country, Matías Santiago, a tyrannical King, was killed by his son, leading the country into a golden era, at the moment, the country is in the throes of technological revolution, cultural diversity and an overall happy population, but the threat of a new tyrant is always present in these newly uncertain times.

Until the former king was killed, he and the hundreds of Kings before him had practiced complete isolation of the country, both externally, and throughout the cities and towns, meaning that the cultures of the different towns developed almost completely separately. However, once Matías was killed, the new King, Luca Santiago took over, and with the help of the neighboring country of Greater Illromov, was able to establish efficient trade routes and help set the country on the path to a golden age.

With that said, not everyone approves of the new king's methods and more peaceful ways, and over the last century tensions have been slowly rising. While most people are happier under King Luca's rule, rumours of former military members starting gangs after leaving the military, conspiracy theories of plots to usurp the king and other unsavory stories are beginning to take hold in the nation, and who knows what the future holds?

While Beachblush is the name the country is most commonly referred to as, the official name of the country is Y'alathar, coming from the illusive Qu'Raavi people who inhabited the country before the current population's ancestors had arrived. While Y'alathar is typically used on documentation and Beachblush is typically used in speech, both are accepted and known by the people.


Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Player's Guide
The Qu'Raavi, a mysterious, hidden race that dwells in the uncharted jungles of the Fey Woods.
Sky Tieflings, a race of tielfing-like bird people, their origins are unknown, but they appeared at about the same time as the Shrouded Forest.
The Gods
The Pantheon of Uplar, and the Renegade Gods specific to Beachblush.
Sigil Magick
Sigil Magick A rare, powerful and near-forgotten form of magic used by only a few isolated groups.

World of Beachblush

Geography and Climate Beachblush is caught in the middle of two temperature fronts that cause the climate to shift much more suddenly than usual. At the southern edge of the country is a warm front, this makes that area hot and beachy, and to the Northeast is the cold front, which drastically lowers the temperature to near-constant sub-zero degrees, and the meeting of the two fronts to the Northeast creates weather so unendingly harsh that nobody has even been able to properly chart the area, this is known as the Impossible Range.

Geographically speaking, the southern end of the country is mostly flat, but gets more hilly towards the lower center and Southwestern areas of Beachblush. It's here that you'll find most of the forests too. The Impossible Range is snowy and mountainous, the front creates a miniature tree line so nothing naturally grows. The furthest anybody has ever been able to live is the town of Winterhelm, a small group of intrepid explorers who settled there in the last generation. To the Northwest, the snow remains, but the land is much more forgiving, while still not densely populated, the area around Vared is cold, but workable.

The Casanovan District
The sweltering South of the country.
The Centralian District
The central trading hub and city of Beachblush.
The Docacean District
Home of the arcane technology of the future.
The Varedian District
The frozen North, with hardy friends and foes alike.
An underwater city-state nearing the Northwestern coast of Beachblush, and one that they have a healthy trade network with.
The Shrouded Forest
A mysterious canyon lining the boarder of the Casanovan and Centralian districts.
The Fey Woods
The enchanted forest that lies in the center of the country that only one group of people have ever been able to cross.
The Impossible Range
A massive chunk of Northeastern Beachblush too cold and hostile to have ever been charted.
Calendar and Holidays
The Days, Weeks, Months, and Holidays of Beachblush
Guilds of Beachblush
Guilds may have only been recently legalized, but they have quickly become abundant within the country.
Early Y'alathar
Before the dictatorship of the Santiago family, Beachblush was a very different place.
Dungeon Master's Guide

Travel Encounters
A selection of different people and events that an adventuring party might run into.

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