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The Fey Woods[edit]

Located slightly to the North-West of central Beachblush, the Fey Woods are sometimes called the Fly Trap of Beachblush. This is due to their near paralyzing beauty, which synchronize with a deeply terrifying array of beasts, Archfey and other deities, and illusory paths designed to trick the mind and beguile the senses. It was (and still is, although this is only rumor to the public) the habitat of Qu'Raavi, and due to their fascination, and near madness with magic, what was once a normal forest has been irreversibly altered and infused with magic. So much, in fact, that the The Fey Woods are the center of all magical energy in the country, if not the world. It is a realm unto itself, complete with its own unique flora and fauna, it's not uncommon to find sentient animals or plants, eight-legged foxes, falcons with butterfly wings, dinosaurs, and all manner of unnatural creatures. It is a jungle full of everything from vibrant colors in the plants, to caves with such a penetrating darkness that even magical light is rendered useless.

The illusory paths, features and critters, coupled with all their corporeal counterparts, mean that the Fey Woods are almost impossible to navigate, and only one group is rumoured to have entered and left alive. While it is positioned relatively closely to Northern Beachblush, its temperature always reads exactly 32.5 degrees Celsius and can transition from being almost aquatically humid to dryer than the Desert of Hishtoroth. It is encouraged that only the most sturdy and self-assured adventurers venture into it, anyone who wishes to enter is encouraged to talk to the local government of the town they enter from so that they can make sure a Will is prepared, and that any family members and loved ones can be told to expect an untimely death. This service is offered free of charge.

The Heart of the Fey Woods[edit]

The center of the Fey Woods are home to the clan of the Qu'Raavi, a mysterious race as old as Y'alathar, and its original inhabitants before the rest of the races immigrated. Altered and deformed by a once dangerous obsession with magic. Their society is both intentionally and involuntarily secret from the rest of the world, trapped, by shame of the past.

Should an adventuring party find this society with the intention to bring harm, they will be told to leave, if they decline, a group of 7-10 Qu'Raavi warriors will descend from the trees and attempt to kill them. They can, however, be bargained with, for materials or information.

The actual Qu'Raavi culture is peaceful and monastic. Farmers grow bountiful crops on the outskirts of their city, the civilians are well educated and the spiritual leaders are kind and wise. The Qu'Raavi are also highly skilled metallurgists, able to easily rival the beautiful craftsmanship of the Miloweiran Elves with the strength of the Dwarves of Faragom. The Qu'Raavi are also highly frail, their bodies have an intense and potentially lethal reaction to most magics (with the exception of healing magic, thanks to the Qu'Raavi hero Do'Hun), as such, the Qu'Raavi have banned all practice of magic within the walls of the city. Those rare few who are born with exceptional arcane ability are traditionally seen with a mix of fear and awe. Occasionally, scouts will leave the confines of the Fey Woods, to gather materials or information, or simply to break away from their homeland to explore the world.


In their hay day, the Qu'Raavi developed enchanted suits of armor to protect their territory, despite rusting, and hundreds of years having past, these Helmed Horrors (the designs of these ones are far more slender and elegant), patrol the Fey Woods without rest or mercy, and will attack any party that doesn't have at least one Qu'Raavi with it. Additionally, the once normal creatures of the forest have been changed, this is a place of great variety, but some general ideas include: Dire creatures, hybrids, monstosities, and those who have gone mad from spending too much time in the woods.


The enchantments of the Fey Woods are known to play tricks on the mind, there are countless possible hallucinations that could be seen, but below are a few designed for percentile rolling (an intelligence check of 15 reveals the illusions to be fake, but they don't disappear). If your hit points drop to 0, you are made to be unconscious but death saving throws never take place, you cannot outright die from these illusions:

Roll Result
1-15 Fake path, or a real path being obscured.
16-25 Fake food or water.
26-30 A feeling of being watched.
31-35 A feeling of being watched and hearing whispers from an unidentifiable source.
36-45 Illusory angered predator, psychic damage optional.
46-50 Illusory intelligent enemy, psychic damage optional.
51-55 Flashing lights that obscure vision, affecting perception checks or concentration spells optional.
56-60 An intense sensation of drowning for 5d8 minutes, psychic damage optional.
61-65 Illusory fire burning down the woods, psychic damage optional.
66-70 Intense itching/feeling of bugs under the skin.
71-72 Illusory field of flowers that seemingly expands forever in all directions.
73-86 Other party members eyes appear to roll back in their heads, and their mouths curled back in a painful smile, twitching, jittering and maybe shouting.
87-90 All creatures seem to instantly disappear, no visual, tactile or auditory stimuli alert the target for the next 1d4 hours.
91-92 You are slowly turning into a gelatinous cube.
93-94 The trees start rapidly growing infinitely, even going higher than the sun, and the trunks begin to crush the target.
95 A tavern door appears in a tree, once you step in it you find yourself in a vibrant and boisterous inn.
96 Your weapon taunts you and asks you to attack your other party members, secondary intelligence check to overcome.
97 You find yourself in a place of deep personal significance.
98 The skin of all your party members seems to burn and melt off until they are just bones, they do not notice, intelligence saving throw or take the afraid condition for 1d4 hours.
99 A character of deep personal meaning, living or dead, wishes to disparage you (a figment of imagination, message is not real).
100 A character of deep personal meaning, living or dead, wishes to encourage you (gain one inspiration point).

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