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Important Information about this Broadbarrel Page Below

Work In Progress

Broadbarrel Disclaimer

This content is a supplement of Broadbarrel. It may not fit into your campaign setting. Additionally, it may be unbalanced, but it is because technology is powerful, advanced, and available to most people in Broadbarrel.

Broadbarrel Contents
Player's Guide
A quick look at the classes in Broadbarrel.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to characters.
Information on spells and enchantments, as well as the nature, uses and practices of magic.
Descriptions of the races within Broadbarrel and how they interact with one another and the rest of the world.
A list of all of Broadbarrel’s Technology, not the technology itself, but descriptions of how some of it works.
Factions and Organizations
Detailed information of the different groups of the world and how they all interact with each other and the rest of the world.
World of Broadbarrel
An examination of monsters and beasts in the world of Broadbarrel and how they've adapted to the world.
World's interactions and connections with the broader multiverse and planes.
The World and Locales
The world of Broadbarrel and the nations cultures and peoples within it.
The broad history of Broadbarrel (no pun intended), divided into general eras
A quick look at common societal trends and laws found in the world of Broadbarrel.
Or lack there of; The only real religion is The Cult of The Forgotten Phoenix.
Dungeon Master's Guide
A general explanation of Broadbarrel and the general world building mindset, along with various outside resources and examples to use as references in developing a campaign or understanding the world. As well as a to-do list.
Artifacts of great power and importance, as well as magic items.
General maps for the DM's use.
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in Broadbarrel.
Adventures & Tables
Ideas for quests, dungeons, campaigns and conflicts. Also tables for random encounters and other things.
Adding to the world of Broadbarrel
A page for submitting ideas, advice and anecdotes from your campaigns for the development of the setting.

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Broadbarrel is a place with more equipment than most, so I’ve categorized them here.


Powdergunnes are volatile weapons that utilize explosive powder to propel bullets with unparalleled force.


Vehicles are used to move from one place to another without needing to walk, swim, or otherwise move vigorously.

Mundane Weapons[edit]

Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Simple Melee Weapons
Combat Knife 3 gp 1d4 Slashing 1 lb. Finesse, Light, Thrown (range 10/30)
Knuckleduster 5 sp 1d4 Bludgeoning 1 lb. Light
Machete 20 gp 2d4 Slashing 3 lb.
Bat 2 sp 1d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Versatile (1d6)
Martial Melee Weapons
Billhook 1 gp 1d4 Slashing 2 lb. Light, Special
Hand Bayonet 5 sp varies (Piercing) 2 lb. Improvised, Special
Chain 3 sp 1 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Reach, Versatile (1d4), Thrown (range 5/15), Special
Razor 1 sp 1d2 Slashing ⅛ lb. Thrown (range 20/40), Finesse, Light
Simple Ranged Weapons
Fragmentation Grenade 5 gp 3d6 Piercing 1 lb. Thrown (range 30/90), Special
Dynamite 3 gp 2d8 Bludgeoning 1 lb. Thrown (range 20/60), Special
Molotov Cocktail 6 gp 4d4 Fire 1 lb. Thrown (range 30/90), Special
Steel Ball 1 gp 1d6 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Thrown (range 10/30), Finesse
Martial Ranged Weapons
Flashbang 8 gp 1 Radiant 1 lb. Thrown (range 30/90), Special
Smoke Bomb 7 gp 3 lb. Thrown (range 10/30), Special
Krystaalc Implosive 12 gp 1d12 Cold 1 lb. Thrown (range 10/30), Special
Grenade Launcher 120 gp 1d12 Fire 1 lb. Ammunition (range 60/180), Heavy, Two-Handed, Loading
↓Launcher Grenade 1 gp 1 lb. *This is a piece of ammunition, Special
Billhook Specialty

You gain advantage on attacks rolls made to disarm.

Hand Bayonet Specialty

This bayonet is directly removed from a powdergunne, and the damage it deals is equal to the bayonet removed from said firearm, which is that of the mod’s. That means that if this bayonet is a gunsword, it deals 1d12 damage. Also note that even though this weapon is a martial weapon, it counts as improvised for the purposes of use.

Chain Specialty

When wielded with two hands, this weapon loses its reach property. Additionally, a medium or smaller creature hit by a chain that is thrown is restrained until it is freed. A chain has no effect on creatures that are formless, or creatures that are large or larger. A creature can use its action to make a DC 8 Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within its reach on a success. Dealing 10 slashing damage to the chain (AC 12) also frees the creature without harming it, ending the effect and destroying the chain.

Fragmentation Grenade Specialty

This deals damage to all creatures and objects within 5 feet of the target. This is destroyed when attacked with.

Dynamite Specialty

This deals damage to all creatures and objects within 5 feet of the target. This is destroyed when attacked with.

Molotov Cocktail Specialty

This deals damage to all creatures and objects within 5 feet of the target. This is destroyed when attacked with. The target of this attack is ablaze.

Flashbang Specialty

This target of an attack with this weapon is blinded for 1d4 rounds. This is destroyed when attacked with. When an attack is made with this weapon, bright light is shed up to 10 feet away from the target for the rest of the round.

Smoke Bomb Specialty

All area within 10 feet of the target is heavily obscured for 1d4 rounds. Heavy wind (20 mph) will blow the smoke out. This is destroyed when attacked with.

Krystaalc Implosive Specialty

The target of an attack made by this weapon must make a DC 5 Constitution save or be petrified in the form of ice for the rest of the round, becoming paralyzed on a success. Succeeding this saving throw by 5 or more will result in not being paralyzed.

Launcher Grenade Specialty

This ammunition is destroyed when used.

Mundane Armor[edit]

Armor Cost AC Strength Stealth Weight
Light Armor
Bone 20 gp 12 + Dexterity Disadvantage 14 lb.
Studded Padding 35 gp 12 + Dexterity Disadvantage 11 lb.
Medium Armor
Scrap Link 45 gp 15 + Dexterity (max 2) Disadvantage 40 lb.
Chain Link 120 gp 14 + Dexterity (max 2) 30 lb.
Heavy Armor
Ceramic Guarding 150 gp 15 50 lb.
Combat Armor 2,000 gp 19 Strength 16 Disadvantage 75 lb.
Broadbarrelic Scutum 30 gp +3 Strength 13 Disadvantage 16 lb.
Mobile Personel Shield 180 gp +5 Strength 18 Disadvantage 230 lb.

Other Equipment[edit]

Gear Cost Weight
Flare wip gp wip lb.
Grenadier’s Pack wip gp wip lb.
Krystaalc Conditioner wip gp wip lb.
Black Powder Bag wip gp wip lb.
Ammo Box wip gp wip lb.
Grenade Bandolier wip gp wip lb.
Gunner’s Kit wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
wip wip gp wip lb.
Flares are candle-like tube of alchemical mixture of eruptum and other alchemical ingredients to supply color to the explosion with a wick running through the center and a metal foil casing, usually alluminum. As an action, it can be tossed up to 60 feet into the air, alerting all creatures in a 500 ft. radius.
Grenadier’s Pack

Consists of a grenade bandolier, 3 flares, 5 bags of black powder, and an ammo box.

Krystaalc Conditioner

A metal box with a vent, two hammers studded with Krystaalc, and a lever. Pulling the lever will slam the hammers together, cooling the air nearby as the cold air leaves through the vent. As an action, the lever can be pulled a couple of times, making a 10 ft spherical area that suffers extreme heat cooler so that creatures inside it don’t suffer the effects of said extreme heat for 5 minutes.

Grenade Bandolier

A grenade bandolier can have up to 10 grenades strapped to it.

Ammo Box

An ammo box can hold one half of a cubic foot or 15 pounds of gear. Items other than ammunition don’t entirely fit well, so they take up twice as much space as normal.

Black Powder Bag

A small bag of black powder not big enough to be used offensively but useful for other cases like light and propulsion. It can be lit to emit bright light for 5 feet and dim light for another 10 feet for 6 seconds (1 round).

Gunner’s Kit

See page.

Magic Items[edit]

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