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Epic Tier Feats
These are available to a character of 21st level or higher who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Air Superiority
Alien Visage
Angelic Memory
Arcane Furor 21st level; The Elements Unleashed utility power Cast The Elements Unleashed twice a day.
Barbed Teleport Barbed Devil You deal damage to enemies when you teleport.
Bleak Visage Shadar-Kai Your appearance causes Fear in your enemies
Chaotic Spell Recall Any one demonic ancestry lineage feat, Daemonic Ancestry 1/Day, spend an action point to regain a daily spell
Clawed Weapon Fighter
Danger Sense
Darkness Rising
Deadly Scourge Str 19, Gnoll Critical hit with flail dazes target and deals ongoing damage, hits adjacent targets
Demonic Skin
Dominating Shout Cha 19, derro, scream of insanity racial power Targets always dazed by scream of insanity, one target is dominated
Draconic Flight 21st level, Draco-Elf Gain a speed of Fly 6 (clumsy)
Dragon Wings
Eyes of the Abyss Demonic Ancestry Gain darkvision, and a bonus to perception skill checks equal to the number of demonic ancestry lineage feats that you possess
Fhondi Heritage
Freeze Master
Frosty Bleeding
Highborn Drow Drow Gain Levitate as a Lolthtouched racial power
Hovering Flight
Improved Levitation Drow, Highborn Drow Levitate 6 squares instead of 4
Infernal Regeneration
Leaping Dodge
Lingering Wound
Master Weaver Arachnomancer Omit squares from your area or close arachnomancer powers
Maximize Spell
Planephase Form
Precognitive Visions Demonic Ancestry Gain a number of bonuses equal to 1 + 1 per 2 demonic ancestry lineage feats that you possess
Ripping Blow Shadar-Kai You cause additional damage when you have Combat Advantage
Ripping Claws Iejirisk, Str 21 Treat your claws as brutal weapons
Silkcraft Mastery III 21st level, Ettercap (4e Race), Silkcraft Mastery II Silkcraft weapons enhanced; usable more often; manfacture walls of silk
Staggering Critical
Strong Wings
Sudden Spell
Surprise Vengeance
Tail of Spirits Seishin Kitsune, Seven-tail Sharpnose, Tail of Flames Gain the daily attack power Spirit Rush
Tempest Hop
Titan Form Str 19, duergar, expansion racial power Use titan form as an encounter power
True Flyer
Uber Lycanthropy
Unarmed Mastery Ogrillon Critical hit with unarmed melee attack roll of 19 or 20.
Unstoppable Rage
Unyielding Vengeance
Web Net Ettercap (4e Race) You restrain your foes instead of immobilize; -2 penalty to their saving throw.
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