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Color scheme[edit]

Something that you could do later on, or whenever you have free time, would be to come up with a good color scheme and background picture for D&D Wiki. The default Monobook color scheme is not very Medieval looking, and the background does not work too well with your great logo. It is just something to think about. --Blue Dragon 20:24, 23 July 2006 (MDT)

Alrighties, I'll see what I can think up. I'm perhaps going to need some guides for this kind of work, however, as I've never really skinned a website before. --Pz.Az.04Maus 20:26, 23 July 2006 (MDT)
Sighs... The taste of Procastination-laced failure... I hope to get to this and remove this malignancy on my record of duty.--Pz.Az.04Maus 22:37, 17 September 2006 (MDT)

Help Section[edit]

Hey PzAz, I am trying to clean up the help section and make it a lot more legible, and so I decided that it would be best to delete a lot of the Wikipedia content. I believe that we should provide links to Wikipedia for the editing aspects, and only cover the basics and the D&D Wiki specific help areas here. Let me know what you think, --Blue Dragon 01:40, 25 July 2006 (MDT)

I guess... Perhaps we should consider keeping the idea of expanded help pages for later, once/if we get more complex/different from Wikipedia enough that they wouldn't be the same anymore. However, please keep the templates/Skin help stuff (I maybe need those) --Pz.Az.04Maus 07:30, 25 July 2006 (MDT)
I like the idea of having an extensive help section, but I think that it should come a bit later and not right now. I will add the template/skin help section back in. Thanks, --Blue Dragon 09:58, 25 July 2006 (MDT)
Welcome ^___^ --Pz.Az.04Maus 10:00, 25 July 2006 (MDT)


Well... That was certainly needed... Thank you. --Pz.Az.04Maus 10:09, 25 July 2006 (MDT)

No problem. --Blue Dragon 10:33, 25 July 2006 (MDT)
I did not want your user-talk archived until I got back, now I have nowhere to tell you that I am back. Oh well, but yes, I am back now and I can manage the site again, thanks a lot. --Green Dragon 10:13, 29 July 2006 (MDT)

Reverted Image[edit]

Hello. I reverted your Psi-Geist image(Image:1128804724136.jpg) to the earlier edition because I was a bit confused. Blue Dragon optimized the site for 40-80% more speed, but he forgot to get it properly working on the LAN. So, I could not see you image, and I thought that it was just that edition's problem, so I reverted it. Sorry for the problem, and if you could upload the new version I would be very grateful. --Green Dragon 08:46, 31 July 2006 (MDT)

No problem, I accidently clicked the link a bunch of times, because of this damned computer emulator that hasn't worked at all for about a month or 2 with any good speed. --Pz.Az.04Maus 09:52, 31 July 2006 (MDT)
Good, so it did not matter. --Green Dragon 23:16, 16 August 2006 (MDT)

I'll be gone for 1-2 Weeks[edit]

Hello. I'm going away again for 1-2 weeks, terribly sorry. Anyway, I hope you can find the time to do what you did when I went to Germany, and I Hope you can actually help out D&D Wiki. I told Sledged and Oneiros (and of course Dmilewski) that I will be going, so hopefully they can help out, but they might now be able to. Hope all goes well, and I will probally check up on D&D Wiki while I am gone. --Green Dragon 12:53, 3 August 2006 (MDT)

O_O... Well, again? Eh, fine by me. --Pz.Az.04Maus 23:59, 5 August 2006 (MDT)
OK i'm new here(been here for long time but just becoming active) but see ya later --Shadethedemon 2:46, 6 August 2006 (NYT)
Sadly to say, I'm also having to leave for about 2 weeks (Damn me forgot to tell before the whole thing was done), so I'm sorry to say that you guys are going to have to do update/malicious user duty, and start scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush (^_^;;). --Pz.Az.04Maus 18:24, 13 August 2006 (MDT)
I'm back, just letting you know. Also, I hope D&D Wiki was fine while I was gone, I am checking up on it now. This might be to much to ask, but could you give me a heads up on what happened while I was gone on my user-talk? --Green Dragon 21:31, 16 August 2006 (MDT)

profile format[edit]

can i steal? i'm no good with this kind of thing, or could you help me? --Shadethedemon 3:05, 6 August 2006 (NYT)

You can do both, my Son... Just don't pretend you did things that are actually my works ^___^. I actually stole this from Blue Dragon, and Green Dragon stole a previous version as well... --Pz.Az.04Maus 01:11, 7 August 2006 (MDT)
I stole from those guys and heavily modified for my own page. Templates Rule. --Oneiros 07:18, 7 August 2006 (MDT)
Just to get things clear, my user-page is not a template and is not anything like Blue_Dragon's user-page, this user-page or anyone else's user-page that uses this style. My user-page has very little in common to Blue Dragon's user-page. Just had to get that out :) --Green Dragon 21:35, 16 August 2006 (MDT)

New Skin[edit]

Are you going to make a new skin? --Green Dragon 23:41, 18 September 2006 (MDT)

I might, I just don't know how. Really, the biggest question is how to make a website skin for myself. Unless I get some help in that department, I'm probably not going to be able to do so. Also, *points to procastination* :/. I hate ADD. --Pz.Az.04Maus 21:34, 20 September 2006 (MDT)
well, In lieu of me actually working on skins, I decided to go on a little spree, googling for how to skin a website.

Oooh.... ^_^... Forum

currently what I saw with google... --Pz.Az.04Maus 21:40, 20 September 2006 (MDT)

Update: I just noticed something; what the hell is this website using? :/ *hits self on head* --Pz.Az.04Maus 21:44, 20 September 2006 (MDT)
What? Those are not wiki skins...? Anyway, we are using "MonoBook" a skin for a wiki from MediaWiki. Hope that helps. Finally, if you really do not want to do this, don't. Just tell me what you decide. --Green Dragon 23:24, 20 September 2006 (MDT)
I really don't know what I was thinking when you asked about the skinning. I'm not so well with this kinda work, but I kinda feel guilty for leading you on to believe that I was going to make a skin... I probably would if I had something, but yeah. And my intellect is evident when you said that last comment. T_T --Pz.Az.04Maus 13:49, 22 September 2006 (MDT)
That's fine, you do not have to make one. Anyway, hope you still decide to help out D&D Wiki. --Green Dragon 14:46, 23 September 2006 (MDT)
I mostly plan too... Though I've not been on lately... --Pz.Az.04Maus 15:50, 24 September 2006 (MDT)

Going away for 4 Days[edit]

Hello. I am going to be going away this weekend (Today to Sunday night). So, if you have some spare time it would be very appreciated if you could check Recent Changes and make sure things are correctly wikified and their are no spam edits. I hope you can help, and thanks in advance. --Green Dragon 11:43, 12 October 2006 (MDT)

Back. --Green Dragon 11:37, 15 October 2006 (MDT)
O_O;... --Pz.Az.04Maus 14:55, 15 October 2006 (MDT)

Sexual Prowress on Sireine (3.5e Template)?[edit]

Hello. The last two edits you made were to the Sireine (3.5e Template), and I cannot decide if they are spam edits or not. The edits in question are the edits where you made "And sexual Prowness" not see-able. Please help me decide if these are Spam edits or not, and if they are not Spam edits please tell me why. Thanks. --Green Dragon 22:51, 19 October 2006 (MDT)

They're not Spam edits because I did them. Simple enough. I just didn't want to make them overtly sound like a Good version of a Succubi, or just plain trampy. That's all. Got any better ways of making the Sexual prowress blanked out without having it gone altogether? --Pz.Az.04Maus 14:35, 20 October 2006 (MDT)
Not that I can think of off the top of my head, sorry. Your way works. --Green Dragon 12:00, 21 October 2006 (MDT)
It's no problem ^_^. Just being accidently too blunt, sorry. ^_^ --Pz.Az.04Maus 12:01, 21 October 2006 (MDT)
It is fine, I took no offense. --Green Dragon 12:12, 21 October 2006 (MDT)

Going away for the Weekend[edit]

I am going to be going away this weekend to Southern Utah. So, if you have some spare time it would be very appreciated if you could check Recent Changes and make sure things are correctly wikified and their are no spam edits, etc. I hope you can help, and thanks in advance. --Green Dragon 12:42, 27 October 2006 (MDT)

Back, and I am very sorry about the sites down time (new Linux Kernels can be dangerous...). --Green Dragon 08:37, 30 October 2006 (MST)
O_o;... --Pz.Az.04Maus 02:18, 31 October 2006 (MST)

Rating the PrC's[edit]

D&D Wiki has quite a bit of Prestige Classes, with only two having been rated on D&D Wiki's rating scale. So, on a small mission to try to get ratings of PrC's done, I would like you to help. All you would have to do is go to DnD Classes then to any PrC page. Click on the PrC you would like to rate; then rate its balance by clicking on the "here" in the Please, help D&D Wiki by rating the balance of this item here. I hope you can take the time to help D&D Wiki become a useful tool for every visitor that comes here; and thanks in advance. --Green Dragon 22:31, 29 November 2006 (MST)

Will do! --Pz.Az.04Maus 15:33, 30 November 2006 (MST)


??? --Pz.Az.04Maus 14:01, 17 December 2006 (MST)

New MoI (Message of Interest) system... Hope you don't mind. --Green Dragon 22:41, 17 December 2006 (MST)
Not at all. --Pz.Az.04Maus 13:11, 18 December 2006 (MST)
Well, just one thing, Will I get emails for the MOI bin? Cause that's really what I'm doing now, looking at edits to my stuff via email and answering them. For some reason I'm being Dunce-y when it comes to updating my stuff. --Pz.Az.04Maus 13:12, 18 December 2006 (MST)
Yes. --Green Dragon 15:50, 18 December 2006 (MST)
Woohoo! --Pz.Az.04Maus 17:03, 18 December 2006 (MST)
Besides the slight difficulty (Haven't looked at D&DWiki Code in a while), this is useful. --Pz.Az.04Maus 16:22, 4 January 2007 (MST)
Agreed. Say thanks to Sledged. --Green Dragon 17:37, 5 January 2007 (MST)

German Words in Nekosomething[edit]

the german word for fur is "Fell" or "Pelz" not "für", "für" means "for" as in ,"I baked this cake for you" "Ich buk diesen Kuchen für dich" —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 13:26, 9 January 2007 (MST). Please sign your posts.

O-o... Danke, then? Hmmm... I might have done that for no reason besides just putting umlauts for fun, but Danke nonetheless. I'll try to keep doing such in the future.--Pz.Az.04Maus 14:26, 9 January 2007 (MST)
Sorry, when I changerd your edits back I was not thinking of what the German "für" meant, I was just changing them back because you did not explain why you changed the "für"" on the talk page.. Sorry, I should have noticed the problem with "für" (I'm not a native German speaker, aber ich kann Deutch spechen :)). Sorry. Also, Pz.Az.04Maus, the german word is Pelz. --Green Dragon 16:51, 9 January 2007 (MST)
You make me sad T_T (Cries for he cannot speak German)--Pz.Az.04Maus 18:02, 9 January 2007 (MST)

Maglad's Knight classes[edit]

Maus, you made a comment about something Maglad pointed out, and it looked like the two of you were friends, possibly IRL. I made a few suggestions regarding the set of three level Knight classes he put up, and it was suggested that since he has not been on forum for quite a while, that I just make the fixes. I don't want to change someone else's content without giving them a fair chance to do the edit themselves. I think I know the direction he was going, and think I have a cool way to express it (and link the different types of knights so they work better together), but he knows what he wanted to do better than I. If you can contact him and ask him to look at the comments, I would appreciate it, then he can tell me his intent, or fix the issues himself. Otherwise, I will probably do an edit on several classes around Feb 15? Thanks,Aaror 19:15, 29 January 2007 (MST)

See also User talk:Maglad#Knights. --Green Dragon 21:46, 29 January 2007 (MST)
Yeah, we know each other. Maglad's my DM... I'll try and reach him for you...--Pz.Az.04Maus 01:03, 30 January 2007 (MST)
Maglad says (3:45 AM): "tell him hes free to do anything he wants, is a wiki"
--Pz.Az.04Maus 01:46, 30 January 2007 (MST)

Dear Pz.Az.04Maus[edit]

Dear Pz.Az.04Maus,

Greetings and salutations!

I noticed an error on your --A 'treatse' on Charisma, as told by Maglad (DnD Guideline)--

involving the rules/description of "Charisma" as stated on page nine of the 3.5 Player's Handbook.

This rule is also stated on --Charisma--

I mean no disrespect.

Sincerely, Carnivorouspants 20:54, 12 April 2007 (MDT)

Perhaps, but some seem to believe it is purely how good looking you are. It's a part of it, but definitely not the sole point of Charisma. --Pz.Az.04Maus 15:47, 14 April 2007 (MDT)
BTW that page has now been deleted (see the talk page if you have questions as to why). --Green Dragon 19:54, 16 April 2007 (MDT)


Choco chip cookie.jpg WikiCookie                            
I give this WikiCookie to Pz.Az.04Maus for helping D&D Wiki when he had time, and, in the early days of D&D Wiki, helping to create a backbone structure of editing styles that are mainly still followed. Thanks for your help on D&D Wiki, and I hope it continues. --Green Dragon 10:08, 7 June 2007 (MDT)


Hey PzAZMaus,

You should come over here to Tokyo for a few days. You'll so be healed of that Catgirl fetish, believe me. Oh, and Japanese girls hate geeks, so better stop it now if you ever want to try your chances.

<end of public service announcement> --Mkill 10:11, 14 June 2007 (MDT)

... Har har? Wasn't a catgirl fetish, and I'm no fan of Yellow fever until I see a decent Japanese girl totally from there. --Pz.Az.04Maus 07:59, 24 August 2007 (MDT)--

Internet problems[edit]

Right about now, my new PC went down and my internet went to shit. Excuse me for a few days until I can get it running again. --Pz.Az.04Maus 22:50, 22 November 2007 (MST)

Thats why linux is always a better option (with ubuntu leading the race in usability, stability, compatibility, and overall niceness for desktops or laptops :P). --Green Dragon 01:38, 23 November 2007 (MST)
Bloody viruses. I thought I got rid of it before the Christmas vacation, but it popped up and the (3rd party) Techie's taking his time with it. --Pz.Az.04Maus 06:06, 1 January 2008 (MST)
... another typical example of a day on a Windows machine. :P. --Green Dragon 12:15, 1 January 2008 (MST)
Back online now, someone report in on what they wanted to do with the moogles, please? ;-; *pleads* --Pz.Az.04Maus 21:46, 9 January 2008 (MST)
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