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User: Pz.Az.04Maus
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Date last updated: 08:35 AM, Thursday, June 7, 2007 (EST) (Starcraft font is needed for titles to be displayed correctly) (First update in a long time, no?)

Quick Links

Who I am


These edits are including my old user, PzAz04Maus.

  • Joined D&D Wiki- The 1st of March, 2006

Things that are in the making

To-do List

  • Look at PsiWiki
  • Give ideas to the D&D Nation Builder
  • Keep up with recent changes - (Stolen from Green Dragon...)
  • Look at the help page and help fix it up.
  • Fix up the DnD Races Categories to make them better.
  • WORK ON THE Nekomimi!!!
  • Work on the Armor Slot Rules, Double time!
  • create a "How to" in the help section that describes the proper method of sending messages and posting responses on user's talk pages (Green Dragon)
  • Create the Dandwiki Categories System:
  • Create the Help Category
  • Fix the Talk Help Page
  • 1-2e monsters this monsters are all non official, have green dragon or someone else representing DanDwiki ask the owner of the page if it would be okayt to update them to 3.x to post them on wiki
  • add the Mechanoids From the D&D Wizards Forum
  • Add the Better Masterworks Complete rules from the D&D Wizards forum. Posted Here
  • Add the Death Knight Class from the D&D Wizards Forum. Finished, is Here
  • when you get a chance, make a doc file of all your thoughts on MDU and send it over when you get a chance, send whatever you want in the credits for our acknowledgements too
  • Get working on stuff more often again....
  • Check for the plausibility of getting the forum compendiums of the Base Classes, Prestige Classes, and the Feats from the D&D wiki onto this site; Maybe the Monster/Template Compendiums as well.
  • Think of a variant ruleset that includes more things, including Dexerity.
  • Help transfer all of the Kargatane files over to the D&D Wiki, and import the 2e rules to 3.5e?
  • Finish Psi-Geist Class
  • Create my characters, and Work on the thought experiment I've gotten (new update!)

Random Sagetry for the Internet

  • (7.28.06) - The newest Version of Firefox (and the Installer) got screwed up really bad, worse than Windows ME. Most likely there will be large scale issues for you such as being unable to open any pages, or various other things. Today is a good day for Firefox to groan. If you need a copy to rollback, I do have 1 copy of Firefox if you need it. It is suggested to wait until Mozilla has gotten this all straightened out, but then again, there's half of the users on the forums that think that there was a systematic/massive surge in firewalling by nearly every user of Mozilla who got screwed, and the other half that thinks the installer got FUBAR'd. Guess which one I'm with? (Source: Own experience/Machinations (Mainly experience))
  • (7.28.06) - Second note. Lately, there has been warning of a Trojan installer that masquerades as a Firefox extension. It seems to use something of another Bug named Downloader-AXM to change your profiles and install the other, which (by editing the profiles), seems to be able to bypass the standard extension warning system. For now, Trojan/FireSpy-A seems just to be a copier for now. It is advised that one checks their Extension tools section, and if they see an extension named "Numbered Links 0.9" from out of the blue (there might also be a legit version as well, just this little bugger pretends to be it), that would be the time to exclaim, "Ohhhhh S***," or "Penguins," if you prefer...(Source:MozillaZine)

Things I have created

Cth copy.jpg White Angel Campaign Setting (DnD Campaign Setting) (Needs salt and brainpower)

  • DnD Classes:
    • Professional Soldier (DnD Class) (A More Modern-like Fighter type with something extra (Adrenaline?))
    • Psi-Geist (DnD Class) (A psionic class that manifests itself, ala a Poltergeist) poltergeist (Hoping to have more than one type of poltergeist, like a Wrathful one, a ondageist (Diskworld reference), etc. Unsure of how to go about it, however)
    • Paladin of Realism (DnD Class) (A "Realist" Paladin, that isn't at all like a normal paladin. Is the Reality of what a God is actually like in reality, a chaotic figure that doesn't conform to the idealist view of the god)
  • DnD Deities:
  • DnD Equipment:
    • Crowbar, Large (3.5e Equipment) (Still in production)
    • Crowbar, Small (3.5e Equipment) (work in progress)
    • Bigger Spellbooks (DnD Equipment) (In da' works)
    • Fuuma Shuriken (DnD Equipment) (Still in the Thought Processes)
    • Advanced (more) Shuriken (DnD Equipment) (See above)
    • Kunai (DnD Equipment) (See 2 above)
    • Legionnaires Armor and Shields (DnD Equipment)
    • Strings of the Puppetmaster (DnD Equipment)
    • Dual Sword, Short (DnD Equipment) (Plasma Sword, anyone? Of course uses Metal; Hoping to edit around with the idea until it isn't an energy sword, starting with removing the glow ;-;)
    • Dual Sword, Great (DnD Equipment) (Larger version of the 2 Point Sword)
  • DnD Feats:
  • 3.5e Creatures:
    • Half-Life (Needs ideas)
    • Specialized Half Fiend Templates (for those who wish to not have a generic Half-fiend, and one that reflects the parent Fiend's heritage. Well... looks like I got beat to the punch :/.)

Cth copy.jpg Sirine (3.5e Template)
Cth copy.jpg Anthropromorphic (DnD Template) (A possible, repaired and fixed version of the SS Anthro template? Sounds like something to do...)

Cth copy.jpg Machall Moogle (3.5e Race) (Near completion)

    • Anthro Template(s) (DnD Race) (Another idea... Sighs... Supposed to be Player Friendly instead of Monster Friendly.)
    • Ivalician Moogle (DnD Race) (In da' works)
    • Cait Sidhe Moogle (DnD Race) (Still in da' works)
    • Sylvan Moogle (DnD Race) (Still in works)

Cth copy.jpg Catgirl/Nekomusume/Nekomimi (DnD Race) (Well on it's way; this is a 'test' race, seeing how many new/slightly innovative things I could pack into a race without sacrificing playability.)
Cth copy.jpg

    • Xerlasi (DnD Race) (agrarian culture of small, bipeded Jackrabbit like Reptilians)
    • Spawn of the White One (DnD Race) (A joke race for the Dreaded Vorpal Bunny!)'
    • Myobu nogitsune Kitsune (DnD Race) (You know the drill, Japanese Fox spirits/people!)
  • DnD Spells/Powers:
  • DnD Rules:
    • Random Manifestations Mechanic(DnD Variant Rules) (This would be for those who need some help thinking of rampant abilities, such as psychokineticism associated with Wilders/Sorcerors)

Cth copy.jpg D20.00 decimal Rules (DnD Variant Rule Group) (70% Basic complete)
Cth copy.jpg Armor Sections (3.5e Variant Rule) (On the way)

Cth copy.jpg Advanced Vital Statistics (DnD Variant Rule) (Goes with Nekomimi)
Cth copy.jpg Mass-Skirmish/Battle/Campaign Combat (DnD Variant Rules) (A redux of what I've seen so far, and something to place them all together more effectively. a Sideproject, really)

    • Expanded Weather Pattern Rules (DnD Variant Rules) (This just keeps going and going...)
    • Container Capacities (DnD Variant Rule) (ACK! MORE PAIN!)

Things I have ported (I do not take responsibility for the creation of them, only their (rarely not) request for portation to this wiki)

Cth copy.jpg

Things I have recently completed

D&D Characters:

  • Sturvrik
  • Cara Achae Ravenloft
    • Cyrüs (Wolf Animal Companion)

    • Psi-Geist Image (Image:1128804724136.jpg)

Updates and notes:

  • I kind of took GreenDragon/Blue_Dragon's stuff for making this, since I thought it as a good idea.
  • And... Whoa... Blue_Dragon has a very good User Page...
  • 6/14/06: User Blue_Dragon has updated/fixed my User page! (W00t!) Thanks.
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