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[ About Me ]

Hello. My name is Joe Moon. This is my user page, and here's more information about me than you probably ever wanted to know:

  • Married to one of those women who looks like she should be goth but isn't
  • Owned by several cats, mostly named after Roman emperors
  • Graduate of Southern Illinois University with BA in English, and Minors in Art and Philosophy
  • Currently putting my English degree to excellent use as an IT support person, doing a little SQL, ASP, .NET, Javascript or whatever other hat my job requires that day.
• [ Web Design ]

I'm a bit of a web design hobbyist, and have done sites for a few businesses and friends, including:

• [ Gaming ]

I began playing D&D in 1980, and roleplaying games have been a significat part of my leisure activities ever since.

  • Currently playing the Shadows of Malboria campaign, set in CrystalMarch (DM hasn't put up any content yet, but the Forums are active.)
  • Current character is Kurgish Barrowsteel, a Dwarven Ranger 2/Scout 6. Hates dragons.
  • My own campaign TiddlyWiki: Scroll of Tian
  • Also an avid fan of GURPS (especially for horror), Call of Cthulhu and In Nomine
  • Other systems I've run or played entire campaigns in: Paranoia, Chill, Top Secret, Champions and Star Frontiers
[ D&D Wiki ]

I've been active on the D&D Wiki since June 24th, 2006.

• [ Contributions ]

• Site Tweaking

• Content

• [ To Do's ]
• [ Around the Web ]

You might run across me at any of these other sites listed below. Except for ENworld, I'm known as Oneiros:

Barnstar.png Barnstar
I give you this Barnstar for organising DnD Races into a more wiki-formatted area that follows Wizards of the Coast's "Racial List" format more closely. I also give you this Barnstar for finishing the descriptions of many various races in the new LA pages. Thanks so much. --Green Dragon 16:15, 29 July 2006
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