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I am Argent Fatalis, a member of the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki, and far from new to the concept of roleplaying games or their functions. If you would like to speak with me, please use my user talk page and I will respond to you as soon as possible. I appreciate all commentary, questions, critique and suggestions to all of my work and prefer to hear what people think of my designs and efforts rather than not, so by all means please do so.

For an individual far more experienced and knowledgeable in the world of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e and 4e, I suggest speaking with Marasmusine or Salasay.



Andarra Bloodmane exhibits aggressive, bestial behavior most unexpected of a Half Elf, but one not too uncommon for those of her kind; the Champions of the Ferine. Un-apologetically snide and cynical, she has little love for those who do not share her fervent passion for combat and the beast-soul, yet even then Andarra judges harshly. To those that win her favor, however, she is a staunch ally, willing to fight to the death and launch herself into combat without question or provocation. Striking to devastating effect, her blows are unmatched in speed and potency, giving her frail half Elven form a deceitful amount of power... that is if she ever relinquished her Alternate Form.
All the rage and destructive power that boils to a frothing anger in Andarra Bloodmane finds itself condensed at its purest into a plain, unassuming silver band. Worn around her neck, the artifact is an object of great power, and desperation, for it drives its bearers to suffer Andarra's will; the hungering desire to prey upon the weak and unworthy. Where the band originates from is unknown, but in the clutches of Andarra Bloodmane does it lie now.
An'sorrak, as it is often called, is an epic blade forged of silvered adamantine with cold iron edges, and ornately detailed with accents of ancient bronze and gold. The fuller of the blade features deep runic engravings, clearly worked into the weapon by its owner. Most iconic of An'sorrak is its cross-guard, that of which features a fierce leonine visage resting upon a black onyx seat, bearing a pristine sapphire upon its head, with large paws extended. The firm leather bound grip of the grand blade ends in a pommel that is punctuated by a tremendous sapphire jewel, captured in the grasp of a beast's clutches.


Smilodon Maioribus, or the "Greater Smilodon" is a unique 4th Edition Race-Class, being both a species and a class type at the same time. Atypical of intelligent races in Dungeons and Dragons, Greater Smilodon remain as true quadrupeds, walking on all fours, and classify as Large creatures. With tremendous amounts of natural Armor Class and Hit Points, augmented by brutal melee attacks with natural weapons, Smilodon Maioribus characters can fulfill the rolls of both a Defender and a Striker well.


Half-Beasts are the direct result of a cross between magical beast and a mortal creature, specifically a human, elf, half elf or Shifter. Supernatural in nature, they exemplify many of the wildest and most animal traits in a humanoid form whilst not losing any of their humanoid granted intellect. However, because of their origin, they are the frequent targets of discrimination and alienation; such mistreatment, though unfair, is at times a subject of pride for a Half-Beast.
Beast Heirs are those who carry generations old Half-Beast blood within them and find it manifested by chance through their culmination of their parents. Vaguely animal in nature, Beast Heirs are quite unusual in the sense that they, like their Half-Beast ancestors, retain all of their intellect despite coming from a more primal source. Just as Half-Beasts are, but to a lesser extent, Beast Heirs are the subjects of cultural loathing in most societies, but similar pride among their lot can be noted.
Beasts of Legend are the physical manifestations of the animal soul in animals. Transformed into magical beasts, Beasts of Legend are truly epic and terrifying feline, canine or ursine powers which are the absolute manifestation of bestial strength. Highly intelligent and wizened beyond their years, Beasts of Legend are exceptionally powerful entities that further the will of the predator.
Veteran creatures are significantly more experienced and seasoned combatants who have lived among a world wrought with strife. More durable and more dangerous than their counterparts, they are talented individuals. The talents and merits of veterancy are not limited to the mortal races, for animals and magical beasts can become veterans in their own right, honed by exceptional trial and difficulty in their lifetime. Regardless, most Veteran creatures hold higher status amongst their peers.
Greater Beasts are superior to their regular animal counterparts in every sense; larger, faster, stronger, more intelligent, they represent superior breeding and stock, subsequently they are frequently sought after.


The Champion of the Ferine is the union of several unlikely qualities and origins into a singular class; feral warriors who draw upon pure animal ferocity by sheer willpower alone, tapping into Divine sources to augment their already impressive heavy armor and devastating greatsword strikes beyond any level achievable by mortals. With time the unmatched will of a Champion of the Ferine draws them closer to the animals powers they revere, granting them further bestial traits. Champions of the Ferine fulfill the role of offensive strikers with enormous Fortitude and Will saves, whilst focusing on crushing strikes that leave their victims shuddering in the wake of their flurry.
As NPCs: Champion of the Ferine (4e Creature).
Psychic Predators are manifesters who have, by blood inheritance, begun a steady alteration into a ferocious psionic beast, blurring the lines of mental might and feral combat. Powerful in the physical and psychic sense, Psychic Predators favor claw and fang above all else, but are equally capable of concealing their primal manifesting by appearing outwardly normal for their race. Exceptionally durable and resilient, these individuals have no particular chink in their armor for their prey (and those who hunt hunters) to exploit easily.
Harriers are skillful combatants who utilize clever group tactics and surprise strikes to magnify their threat. Highly mobile, Harriers are capable of maneuvering themselves into the most advantageous position to strike, whilst benefiting largely from the flanking their allies provide. Few of those who follow the Rogue and Scout archetype hear the calling of the Harrier, but those that do take part in a strength unlike any other. Devoted to their pack, otherwise called their companions, Harriers are social individuals that place the good of the whole above themselves. With good Will and Reflex saves, Harriers can prove difficult targets, not only able to stay out of reach, but also capable of shrugging off many magical afflictions.
Only a few find themselves granted animal might and magic freely, and those that do become Savage Priests; distantly related to the oft imagined warrior-priest, Savage Priests are the Divinely empowered with an inborn penchant for conflict and strife. Stalwart combatants, they instinctually relish warfare, wielding blade in hand and commanding savage animal allies with the other against their chosen enemies. Like their closest relatives, the Champions of the Ferine, the Savage Priest freely wears heavy armor and suffers no penalties in doing so despite their natural origin. Savage Priests excel as offensive spell casters and as commanders of dominated beasts, all while displaying exemplary Fortitude and Will in the heat of battle.
Beast Shamans are martial adepts who utilize their extraordinary connection to animals and natural ability to beckon the animal soul within as weapons, fighting tooth and nail whilst unleashing latent power within. Primal and fierce, Beast Shamans are deeply spiritual but not with nature itself, and owe their incredible feats of martial superiority to pure feral instinct and animal cunning. Not limited to physical combat, Beast Shamans can engage their enemies with potent supernatural attacks which behave similarly to spells.
The Apex Predator is the Race-Class of the Smilodon Maioribus species, with unique, specific abilities that favors their natural traits and talents, focusing on critical hits and execution of various abilities in combination. Apex Predators come in two variations; the Vanquisher Apex, a specialization that focuses on stealth, grappling attacks and devastating critical strikes and the Challenger Apex which talents itself with damage mitigation and disabling of enemies with brutal retaliation.

Five Towers Content:


With a drop of loaned feline, canine or ursine blood, you may communicate freely with the animal donor, all while benefiting from a fragment of their true physical might.
A calm touch and words of animal power imbue a bestial ally to shrug off the worst of any spell's effects, ensuring they can fight to the last breath.

Feats, Flaws and Traits:

You have a knack for denying the cruelest, most unfortunate of fates, but it is clear fortune is a fickle mistress and swiftly enacts retribution for your cheating.
Your mixture of magical beast and lycanthropic blood makes your senses supernaturally wise and your body exceptionally physically gifted while shifting.
When you shift and enter a raging state with it, there is seemingly nothing that can stop your vicious assault.
Keen eyes follow through to keen strikes; when you loose claw and fang, you strike with lethal precision.
A flurry of claws and fangs, you lash out once more in the hopes to rake, rend and tear your foes again.
With a shift in your stance and an adjustment to your grip, you ready yourself to deflect attacks and strike back with far more conviction to your blows than your enemies.
The power granted to you by the animal soul to fuel your attacks lasts longer than that of others.
Gained from your wild blood you have an uncanny level of instinct and insight, that which your mortal heritage cannot compete with.
You cannot help but favor the natural gifts of your beast heritage, something those of your mortal kin lack.
By entering a trance, you place your mind closer to the animal soul, learning from its seemingly infinite reserves of savage wisdom. Upon returning to your regular state of mind, you feel and behave more akin to the very things you witnessed.
The animal within manifests completely, granting you a savage power and strength unknown to others.
Your animal companion is significantly more ferocious than most of its kind, and is willing to fight relentlessly in the face of impending death.
When your animal companion believes itself outnumbered, outmaneuvered or cornered, it fights with unmatched aggression and brutality.
Your animal companion wastes no time in finishing one opponent and immediately engaging the next, going so far as to tear a trail cross the field of battle.
With but mere thought the power of good that embraces you strikes the mind of a wicked foe, compelling them to assail you rather than your more fragile companions.
The defiance to natural order the undead bring with them cause you to fly into an feral rampage.
The lycanthropic affliction that runs through your veins is so potent that you can barely control your changes even at the best of times, but in turn, it proves easier to assume your much more savage form on whim.
Something about your being is civil to its core, and despite your lycanthropic affliction, you manage to hold some greater semblance of control.
An individual with more animal tendencies at heart trusts their claws and fangs, or even fists, more so than they do any melee weapon. Most commonly this behavior stems from the fact that they are familiar at an innate level with how to rake, bite, or otherwise strike with a finesse most creatures otherwise lack. Characters with this trait should consider roleplaying themselves as avoiding melee weapons whenever possible out of simple reasoning that there is no purpose to wield a weapon which is more foreign to them than ones they were born with.
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