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What little is known of Andarra Bloodmane before she became a Champion of the Ferine is that she had always had a certain unshakable connection to predatory beasts; rumored to be able to charm the fiercest of tigers, wander a forest beside a pack of dire wolves, and fish with the hungriest of bears when she was but a child. It is unknown the true scope of her animal affinity in her younger days, short of what the occasional Bard of the Wild may tell, but even then such tales are likely just colorful anecdotes. But what is fact, is that Andarra Bloodmane is no longer all of who she was, having sacrificed it all to become who she is now, the so called "Embodiment of Ferocity".

A Half Elf, Andarra bears the qualities of her parents in a mixed heritage, but now displays traits unique to her and other Champions of the Ferine. Tall, for a woman, let alone an individual of human and Elven blood, she stands a head above most men, even those considered taller, and expresses an uncanny muscularity; animal like and highly refined, Andarra Bloodmane is dense with tough flesh and brawn, scarred upon the arms and legs in a few locations from long healed wounds. Eyes, with irises of gold, find the pupils surrounded by a surging primeval orange, providing a wicked predatory glare to any creature unfortunate enough to catch her attention for long. From her head, running down her back in an enormous blonde mane, is her hair, of which is streaked throughout with hints of strawberry, and ends just below her waist. Her right ear, pierced nearest the top with two silver rings; her left has but one nearest its base. Each tooth, more unusually sharpened, makes her smile wicked and unsettling; the same grin a hunter provides when sure of its prey's ability. The only quality sharper than Andarra's fangs are her claws, which in her humanoid form are significantly less pronounced, but retain their retractable qualities. Despite her more bestial traits, there is a certain savage beauty to her, of which cannot be easily described.

Andarra Bloodmane in her Alternate Form prepares to execute a helpless foe.

In her Alternate Form Andarra is a massive humanoid creature, for something that is otherwise a Half Elf, rivaling most Goliaths in terms of raw scale and pure muscle; her more feline form is coated with a thick protective pelt of fallow tan, accented with liger-like markings of burgundy around the hands, feet, face and spine. While in her more "pure" embodiment, her eyes become entirely yellow, and the primal energy radiating orange from around her pupils magnify. Her feet, massive and sturdy paws with rending talons, are rivaled in lethality by the grand digits tipped with flesh hewing claws upon her hands, complimenting her massive maw and its killer fangs.

Abrasive in personality, Andarra Bloodmane is more for the commencing of action rather than awaiting opportunity, or in her words; "I make my opportunities, not exploit them." When she does speak, her normally soft Elf-like tone is faintly snarled, and becomes much more deep, growling and commanding despite the key notes of feminism in its tone when she takes on her Alternate Form's shape. Every word spoken by her is decided; she says what she means without confusion. If she were to say, "I intend to clench my claws deep within the gut of that tyrant.", one is wise to assume she will make every effort to do so. Her brutal honesty combined with her particularly snide, cynical opinions make her an interesting character in banter, provided she can be coached into tolerating her company, primarily through their deeds and those foolish enough to attempt to romance her are likely the ones to most readily infuriate her.


DC 15: Unlike all of the most mighty of the Champions of the Ferine, Andarra Bloodmane remains near constantly in her Alternate Form, reluctantly relinquishing her "true" shape only when absolutely required of her, whereas her companions use their bestial power sparingly. Easily identified by this factor, Andarra inspires fear in the weak hearted or those of opposing ideals with or without her more animal shape.

DC 20: Born a Half Elf, Andarra Bloodmane is iconic among the Champions of the Ferine for her unmatched savagery, brutality, and predatory drive. She acts without remorse or regret, and is as quick to launch into a bloody rage as she is to lambast civilization for all of its weaknesses. While far from particularly eloquent with her words, she is vocal and readily provoked without much effort, preferring her actions, which range from relentless slaughter to the purging of evil, to do the speaking for her.

DC 25: Notable of Andarra Bloodmane is a simple, featureless band of pure silver upon silver links which is worn around her neck. To those who know of her, the myth surrounding her ring is just part of her legendary figure. It is supposed, if not readily believed, by those who have been in her presence that Andarra Bloodmane's ring is the physical embodiment of a Beast of Legend, and that she is the spiritual manifestation in the flesh of that same creature. Unable to fully establish itself in the mortal world once more, the ring, and Andarra, are but fragments of its vast and nearly unimaginable primal power, acting as anchors for its eventual reincarnation somewhere in the distant future.

DC 30: It has always been clear Andarra Bloodmane is, in the eyes of civilization, a villain; willing to kill anyone and anything standing between her and her objectives, those of the Champions of the Ferine. Responsible for countless innocent deaths, entire cities sacked solely for encroaching too harshly upon wilderness deemed sanctified, or exalting the death and or sacrifice of beasts held sacred to the Champions of the Ferine, Andarra provided no mercy and no quarter to their inhabitants; those who did not take up arms and join her, died as brutally as those who fought against her, be them the elderly, women, men or children. Unwelcome in every established city, Andarra enters each simply because they cannot physically deny her entry; those that do, frequently lose many guardsmen.

Andarra Bloodmane, the Embodiment of Ferocity[edit]

Andarra Bloodmane, the Embodiment of Ferocity
Level 25 Solo Brute
Medium Natural Humanoid (Half-Elf)
XP 40,000
HP 1350; Bloodied 725 Initiative +20
AC 41; Fortitude 38, Reflex 35, Will 40 Perception +35
Speed 9 (+12 while Charging) Low-Light Vision, Scent
Immune Disease, Poison, Fear, Polymorph, Undeath Resist 25 Fire, 25 Cold, 25 Lightning, 25 Acid
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Regeneration 15
Unsettling Aura ♦ Aura 5
Creatures considered hostile to the Champion of the Ferine within the aura take a -4 penalty to Will, and a -2 penalty to all saving throws. All creatures, hostile or not, become immediately aware of a Champion of the Ferine's presence just by this aura, but cannot specifically pinpoint where it is emanating from.
Presence of Andarra ♦ Aura 5
Any creature that is not considered an ally to the Champions of the Ferine takes a -2 penalty to all defenses. This effect does not apply to creatures immune to Fear, however, Andarra Bloodmane's attack rolls against them gain a +2 bonus.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Savage Claws (Primal)♦ At-Will
Attack: +29 vs AC
Hit: 3d10 + 12 damage, and Andarra Bloodmane can initiate a grab as a free action, with a +4 bonus to the grab attempt.
Effect: Andarra Bloodmane may use this attack against a creature she has grabbed; upon success, instead of granting a +4 bonus to the grab attempt, the next save made against the grab is rolled at a -4 penalty. See also; Eviscerate.
Basicmelee.png Strike of Untamed Power (Primal, Martial, Weapon, Acid)♦ At-Will
Attack: +29 vs AC or Fortitude
Hit: 2d10 + 4d6 + 12 acid or physical damage, and the target's AC is reduced by -2 until the end of Andarra Bloodmane's next turn.
Melee.png Legendary Blade of the Wild (Primal, Martial, Weapon, Acid)
Effect: Andarra Bloodmane makes two Strikes of Untamed Power, the second of which deals half damage. If both attacks successfully hit, the target is slowed (save ends).
Melee.png Strike of Reckless Onslaught (Primal, Martial, Weapon)♦ At-Will
Attack: +27 vs AC or Reflex
Hit: 2d10 + 4d4 + 12 physical damage, and three enemies adjacent to Andarra Bloodmane or the target each take 1d10 + 15 damage. Each creature struck by Andarra Bloodmane's Strike of Reckless Onslaught gains Vulnerable 5 to all damage until the end of her next turn. Following this attack, Andarra Bloodmane's AC is reduced by -4.
Ranged.png Overwhelming Will (Primal, Divine, Force, Psychic)♦ At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20; +26 vs Will
Hit: 2d8 + 20 psychic or force damage, and if the target of Overwhelming Will attacked Andarra Bloodmane within the last round from a range further than melee, she gains a +2 bonus to its attack roll with Overwhelming against that target. Targets which are further than 10 squares from Andarra Bloodmane are stunned until the start of her next turn.
Melee.png Ferocious Assault ♦ Recharge D6 (2).pngD6 (5).png
Attack: +27 vs AC or Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + 1d6 + 4 physical damage, and Andarra Bloodmane initiates another attack through Ferocious Assault; this effect occurs to a maximum of 6 attacks through Ferocious Assault. Andarra Bloodmane may utilize her Ferocious Assault power in place of a melee basic attack during a charge, provided it is not expended. If the target of Ferocious Assault suffers 3 or more attacks by Ferocious Assault, they are stunned until the end of Andarra Bloodmane's next turn. Andarra Bloodmane may utilize each attack roll as part of Ferocious Assault against a different target, however, no target is stunned if she chooses to do so.
Effect: All attacks made through Ferocious Assault do not automatically fail nor fumble on a natural 1, they can however, simply fail to strike the target.
Primal Dispel (Primal, Divine)♦ Recharge D6 (1).png
Effect: As a Standard Action, all negative magical effects that are afflicting Andarra Bloodmane are immediately dispelled as if she had made a successful saving throw against them, or their duration had come to an end. Any further negative effects which may trigger upon a successful save (or removal of the affliction) cause no harm to her and are wholly nullified.
Shattering Roar (Primal, Thunder, Force, Fear)
Attack: Area burst 5, centered on Andarra Bloodmane; Andarra roars, allowing her to immediately interrupt a hostile spell cast within 5 squares of her location, forcing it to fail and have no effect as if the caster had taken no action; a power interrupted by a Andarra Bloodmane's Shattering Roar is still considered spent, however. All hostile creatures within the burst take 4d8 + 12 thunder or force damage, and are deafened and dazed until the start of the Andarra Bloodmane's next turn; creatures which are not immune to Fear, are pushed 3 squares in addition to the other effects. Andarra Bloodmane may preform Shattering Roar once per round.
Effect: A creature held by Andarra Bloodmane in a grab, which has been grabbed by her for at least two turns, takes maximum damage from Andarra Bloodmane's next Savage Claws attack against them. Upon being the victim of Eviscerate, the grabbed creature is stunned until the end of Andarra Bloodmane's next turn, released from the grab, and suffering from 20 ongoing damage (save ends).
Horrific Rend
Effect: Any critical strike by Andarra Bloodmane causes 20 ongoing bleeding damage to the afflicted creature at the start of every one of its turns, in addition to slowing it (save ends both). The damage dealt by Horrific Rend stacks with other applications of Horrific Rend.
Vengeful Return
Effect: Upon receiving a critical strike, Andarra Bloodmane can make an immediate reaction to attack back utilizing her Strike of Untamed Power. In addition to her attack, her Ferocious Assault power recharges immediately if it was expended.
Cull the Weak
Effect: Non-player creatures reduced to 35 or less hit points by Andarra Bloodmane immediately die; this effect bypasses any healing, damage resistance, or effects which prevent, or otherwise circumvent death. Targets killed by Cull the Weak have negative hit points equal to their negative bloodied value - 1.
Effect: When Andarra Bloodmane is in Alternate Form and is reduced to 0 or less hit points, or otherwise struck by an effect which would regularly kill her, she continues to fight until her hit points reach a negative value greater than her healing surge value (-300); during this time, she can only be killed by hit point damage. This effect occurs on any attempt to instantly slay her. This state of impending death ends upon the end of the Encounter, or once her negative healing surge value is exceeded, in which case she will immediately die as normal.
Andarra's Rage (Primal, Rage)♦ Encounter, Immediate Reaction
Effect: Andarra Bloodmane enters a furious rage with a bellowing roar so strong it pushes all creatures within 5 squares of her back 3 squares and knocks them prone, in addition to deafening them until the end of her next turn upon her being reduced to 362 or less hit points. Removing the silver ring from her neck and placing it upon one of her fingers, she takes on an even more reckless advance, trading any remaining defenses for raw killing power; her AC is reduced by -4 and her attack rolls are increased by +4, and any damage reduction or resistances she has are temporarily suspended. While subject to Andarra's Rage, her Vengeful Return effect now allows her to use her Ferocious Assault in place of her Strike of Untamed Power when its effects are triggered. Andarra cannot be slowed, weakened, immobilized or restrained while raging, however, she takes 10 damage in place of those effects when they attempt to apply. Andarra's Rage lasts until she is slain or until the end of the Encounter.
Minor Actions
Blade Trail (Primal, Stance)♦ Encounter
Effect: Each time Andarra Bloodmane charges following the use of this Minor Action, each creature adjacent to her during her charge takes 2d10 + 4d6 physical damage. If she provokes an opportunity attack against her during Blade Trail, this effect counteracts the opportunity attack in a clashing parry; if the opportunity attack's attack roll succeeds in striking her during Blade Trail, the damage caused by the opportunity attack must exceed the damage caused by Blade Trail against the attacker, or deal no damage and fail altogether. If the opportunity attack's damage succeeds in dealing more damage than Blade Trail, it effects Andarra Bloodmane as normal, dealing damage and applying any effect it might have. This effect lasts until the end of the Encounter.
Alternate Form (Primal, Divine, Polymorph)♦ Encounter
Effect: Andarra Bloodmane transforms into her primary form, that which resembles an enormous and robust lioness, with powerful fangs and faint crimson markings, but retains her long blonde hair, which is marked by streaks of strawberry. In her Alternate Form, Andarra Bloodmane's movement speed and attack rolls are increased by +2 and all damage she takes is reduced by 10, along with having all of her worn or wielded equipment adjusted to fit her new shape shape, regardless of its type or origin. While in Alternate Form, she is treated as a Magical Beast whenever beneficial to her. Andarra Bloodmane, like all Champions of the Ferine who die while in Alternate Form, or before assuming their Alternate Form, remain (or assume) their Alternate Form upon death; in dying, her body is left whole and complete, regardless of how she specifically died. Her corpse may be harmed as normal after, however.
Str 36 (+25) Dex 22 (+18) Wis 26 (+22)
Con 32 (+23) Int 18 (+15) Cha 18 (+15)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral Languages Common, Elven
Equipment greatsword, full plate armor, Andarra's Rage (Ring)

Andarra Bloodmane's Tactics

Andarra Bloodmane begins combat in her Alternate Form, or assumes it if she was not already in it, and will attempt to charge the weakest target, hoping to outright kill them before their allies, or the target, can inflict any real damage. Those she devotes the brunt of her Ferocious Assault to are often those who are clearly of the most importance; they are often Leaders or Elite units, or those capable of striking her from a distance. If Andarra's mobility is limited by many creatures between her and her target, or those which pose reasonable threat to her, Andarra initiates her charge following the use of her Blade Trail Encounter power.
When surrounded, often following one of her blindingly fast charges, Andarra Bloodmane cleaves through lesser enemies with her Strike of Reckless Onslaught power, spending one of her Action Points only if the enemies surrounding her need be killed rapidly by use of Ferocious Assault. When fighting a target one on one instead of multiple foes at once, Andarra will utilize one of her Action Points to initiate a Legendary Blade of the Wild attack, followed by a Ferocious Assault in an attempt to overwhelm and annihilate her prey. If this proves ineffective, Andarra will await her Ferocious Assault's recharge, and initiate the same sequence again with her second Action Point.
Enemies outside of her charge range are subject to her Overwhelming Will power if they prove to be particularly aggravating; spellcasters receive the majority of her ire if they are the ones responsible for most of the harm she is enduring, causing her to try to narrow the gap between her and them whenever possible.
Targets which are bloodied hold great priority to Andarra Bloodmane, and often become the focus of her fire in the form of her Action Point and Ferocious Assault usage, provided the bloodied creature is a reasonable or actual threat; regular creatures in combat with her which are bloodied are often victims of opportunity, but do not merit such powerful attacks.
If Andarra is disarmed, or otherwise unable to make full use of her greatsword, she maims her foes with her claws, attempting to grab each victim and eviscerate them with her Savage Claws power.
Once reduced to hit points equal to or less than 362, Andarra Bloodmane immediately enters Andarra's Rage, and fights with reckless abandon, attacking bloodied enemies first. While raging, Andarra will not speak or otherwise interact with her allies, and instead only roars, snarls or growls between her attacks; if no enemies are present, but Andarra is still in combat, she moves in a random direction and remains furious. Her rage cannot be suppressed by anything short of her death or the end of combat.

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