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All but a handful of races hear the call of the wild and even less take up the predatory path of the Champion of the Ferine. The most common to heed the call are the Humans, far from single minded in this pursuit, many humans shun those who answer to the wild, even going so far as to hunt them as monsters and aberrations. Many Elves find themselves slipping away from their civilized cousins, content to lose themselves in a never ending hunt through the centuries. Very few of the other races hear the call and many that do never answer it, instead choosing to wrap themselves away as "civilized". Nothing prevents others from answering the call though and any race may be found as a Champion of the Ferine.

Those who embrace the feral power within, and demonstrate the physical and mental aptitude required to be a Champion of the Ferine, do so out of necessity; the calling so great, it becomes painful to be far from their predatory, killer nature, shackled to civilized mannerisms and developed lands. Many Champions of the Ferine tear free from their past violently, and instinctively seek out alike minds, be them specifically other Champions of the Ferine, or wise and animal like Druids or Shamans. The greatest Champions of the Ferine, however, are born with a destiny before them to become such, and immediately take to heart their wild nature from birth, growing and maturing into ideal hybrids of both animal and mortal form.

An iconic Champion of the Ferine, Andarra Bloodmane, in full war regalia, advances on an enemy.


DC 15: Champions of the Ferine are mortal races who have given up their civilized calling and tapped into a bestial, savage power source by raw will power alone. Over time, they become much alike the thing they hold closest to them, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. They revere three veins of beasts above all others; those feline, canine, and ursine.

DC 20: Druids and Shamans are the closest relatives to Champions of the Ferine, but are markedly different from them. Where Druids and Shamans forsake heavy armor and hybrid shapeshifting, and the use of melee weapons, Champions of the Ferine take up these tools along with combining other qualities foreign to nature to ensure a stranglehold is established should conflict arise.

DC 25: After much spiritual maturity, Champions of the Ferine become bestial in soul as they are in body, and only masquerade as mortal races. Upon assuming their Alternate Form, they reveal but a fragment of their true nature, one which is so profoundly animal and divine, it cannot manifest fully in the flesh. In death, they are ultimately released from their mortal coils and further empower the will of ferocious beasts, namely those feline, canine and ursine; some of greater power even becoming legendary and immortal beasts.

Champion of the Ferine[edit]

Champion of the Ferine
Level 21 Elite Brute
Medium Natural Humanoid
XP 11,000
HP 525; Bloodied 262 Initiative +18
AC 36; Fortitude 34, Reflex 31, Will 36 Perception +30
Speed 8 (+9 while Charging) Low-Light Vision, Scent
Immune Disease, Poison, Fear, Polymorph, Undeath Resist 20 Fire, 20 Cold, 20 Lightning, 20 Acid
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Regeneration 10
Unsettling Aura ♦ Aura 5
Creatures considered hostile to the Champion of the Ferine within the aura take a -4 penalty to Will, and a -2 penalty to all saving throws. All creatures, hostile or not, become immediately aware of a Champion of the Ferine's presence just by this aura, but cannot specifically pinpoint where it is emanating from.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Great Claws (Primal)♦ At-Will
Attack: +27 vs AC
Hit: 2d10 + 8 damage, and the Champion of the Ferine can initiate a grab as a free action, with a +4 bonus to the grab attempt.
Effect: The Champion of the Ferine may use this attack against a creature it has grabbed; upon success, instead of granting a +4 bonus to the grab attempt, the next save made against the grab is rolled at a -2 penalty.
Basicmelee.png Strike of Untamed Power (Primal, Martial, Weapon, Acid)♦ At-Will
Attack: +27 vs AC or Fortitude
Hit: 2d10 + 3d6 + 8 acid or physical damage, and the target's AC is reduced by -2 until the end of the Champion of the Ferine's next turn.
Melee.png Blade of the Wild (Primal, Martial, Weapon, Acid)
Effect: The Champion of the Ferine makes two Strikes of Untamed Power, the second of which deals half damage. If both attacks successfully hit, the target is slowed until the end of the Champion of the Ferine's next turn.
Melee.png Strike of Reckless Onslaught (Primal, Martial, Weapon)♦ At-Will
Attack: +25 vs AC or Reflex
Hit: 2d10 + 2d4 + 8 physical damage, and two enemies adjacent to the Champion of the Ferine or the target each take 1d10 + 11 damage, and the Champion of the Ferine takes a -2 penalty to AC until the start of its next turn.
Ranged.png Force of Will (Primal, Divine, Force, Psychic)♦ At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20; +24 vs Will
Hit: 2d8 + 2d4 + 8 psychic or force damage, and if the target of Force of Will attacked the Champion of the Ferine within the last round from a range further than melee, the Champion of the Ferine gains a +2 bonus to its attack roll with Force of Will against that target. Targets which are further than 10 squares from the Champion of the Ferine are dazed and slowed until the start of the Champion of the Ferine's next turn.
Melee.png Ferocious Assault ♦ Recharge D6 (2).pngD6 (5).png
Attack: +25 vs AC or Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + 1d6 + 3 physical damage, and the Champion of the Ferine initiates another attack through Ferocious Assault; this effect occurs to a maximum of 5 attacks through Ferocious Assault. A Champion of the Ferine may utilize their Ferocious Assault power in place of a melee basic attack during a charge, provided it is not expended. If the target of Ferocious Assault suffers 3 or more attacks by Ferocious Assault, they are dazed until the end of the Champion of the Ferine's next turn. A Champion of the Ferine may utilize each attack roll as part of Ferocious Assault against a different target, however, no target is dazed if the Champion of the Ferine does so.
Effect: All attacks made through Ferocious Assault do not automatically fail nor fumble on a natural 1, they can however, simply fail to strike the target.
Primal Dispel (Primal, Divine)♦ Recharge D6 (1).png
Effect: As a Standard Action, all negative magical effects that are afflicting the Champion of the Ferine are immediately dispelled as if they had made a successful saving throw against them, or their duration had come to an end. Any further negative effects which may trigger upon a successful save (or removal of the affliction) cause no harm to the Champion of the Ferine and are wholly nullified.
Shattering Roar (Primal, Thunder, Force)♦ Recharge (One use per Round), Immediate Interrupt
Attack: Area burst 4, centered on the Champion of the Ferine; the Champion of the Ferine roars, allowing them to immediately interrupting a hostile spell cast within 4 squares of the Champion of the Ferine, forcing it to fail and have no effect as if the caster had taken no action; a power interrupted by a Champion of the Ferine's Shattering Roar is still considered spent, however. All hostile creatures within the burst take 4d8 + 8 thunder or force damage, and are deafened and dazed until the start of the Champion of the Ferine's next turn. A Champion of the Ferine may preform Shattering Roar once per round.
Horrific Rend
Effect: Any critical strike by a Champion of the Ferine causes 10 ongoing bleeding damage to the afflicted creature at the start of every one of its turns, in addition to slowing it (save ends both). The damage dealt by Horrific Rend stacks with other applications of Horrific Rend.
Effect: When a Champion of the Ferine in Alternate Form is reduced to 0 or less hit points, or otherwise struck by an effect which would regularly kill them, they continue to fight until their hit points reach a negative value greater than their healing surge value (-131); during this time, they can only be killed by hit point damage. This effect occurs on any attempt to slay the Champion of the Ferine. This state of impending death ends upon the end of the Encounter, or once their negative healing surge value is exceeded, in which case they immediately die as normal.
Minor Actions
Alternate Form (Primal, Divine, Polymorph)♦ Encounter
Effect: The Champion of the Ferine transforms into their more bestial and iconic Alternate Form, taking on the aspect and features of a great cat standing upon its hind legs whilst it still displays faint qualities and traits of its humanoid form, such as coloration, hair, and build, along with retaining their worn armor and weapon. In Alternate Form the Champion of the Ferine's movement speed and attack rolls are increased by +2 and all damage they take is reduced by 10, and all worn or wielded equipment adjusts to fit the new shape shape, regardless of its type or origin. While in Alternate Form, they are treated as a Magical Beast whenever beneficial to them. Champions of the Ferine who die while in Alternate Form, or before assuming Alternate Form, remain (or assume) their Alternate Form upon death; in dying, their body is left whole and complete, regardless of how they specifically died. Their corpse may be harmed as normal after, however.
Str 28 (+20) Dex 19 (+15) Wis 22 (+17)
Con 25 (+18) Int 14 (+12) Cha 16 (+15)
Alignment Neutral Languages Common, Elven
Equipment greatsword, full plate armor

Champion of the Ferine Tactics

Champions of the Ferine favor initiating combat by transforming into their Alternate Form first, then unleashing a charge, striking with Ferocious Assault upon the weakest enemy, and preferring those who appear to be some form of spellcaster. When unable to do such, the Champion of the Ferine will unleash their Blade of the Wild on the most feeble enemy, often focusing on a bloodied target in an attempt to finish that foe off before it has a chance to continue fighting. In the event a Champion of the Ferine is flanked, or is otherwise surrounded by targets, they will attempt to fell them rapidly and at once with Strike of Reckless Onslaught; the same applies for when the Champion of the Ferine recognizes enemy Minions or particularly pathetic creatures. When a hostile spell is cast, a Champion of the Ferine within 4 squares of that target will interrupt the spell, causing it to fail and have no effect, in addition to dealing damage to all of its enemies with a thunderous roar; when struck by hostile magic, such as a slowing effect, a Primal Dispel is utilized by the Champion of the Ferine to neutralize the effect. If a target proves out of reach, the Champion of the Ferine will strike with bursts of overwhelming will, damaging mind and body alike using Force of Will.

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