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Gift of the Animal Soul [General]

By entering a trance, you place your mind closer to the animal soul, learning from its seemingly infinite reserves of savage wisdom. Upon returning to your regular state of mind, you feel and behave more akin to the very things you witnessed.
Prerequisite: You must have the Beast Heir template or an animal companion.
Benefit: Immediately following an extended rest by you, you may enter a brief state of meditation, assuming you take the time to do so. This meditative state lasts for 15 minutes, in which you are completely aware of your surroundings and can react accordingly, however any action taken other than meditating breaks the meditation and you cannot benefit from this feat until you take another extended rest. You are able, if you wish, to tune out the environment around you, and be treated as if you were asleep, but the time needed to preform this meditation is subsequently reduced to 5 minutes. You may not meditate while in combat or an environment which is hostile to you, such as when monsters would be seen or heard by you and they are not attempting to hide or move silently.
Should you succeed in your meditation, you gain the supernatural benefit of one of the following spells; Cat's Grace, Bear's Endurance, Owl's Wisdom or Bull's Strength until the next time you take an extended rest or 24 hours pass, whichever comes first. Unlike any of the listed spells, the Gift of the Animal Soul is a supernatural effect which only ceases to function should you enter a Antimagic Field or be subject to a similar effect which suppresses or removes supernatural effects and or abilities. While under the Gift of the Animal Soul you may not be the recipient of a spell that duplicates this effect; you may not have the Cat's Grace spell cast on you while already benefiting from the +4 to Dexterity granted by Gift of the Animal Soul, for example.
Special: Your animal companion also gains the benefits of this feat, but they too must be inactive for the same duration and in the same meditative state as you. All penalties and limitations which apply to you through this feat additionally apply to your animal companion.
An animal companion will utilize the benefits of this feat whenever you do.

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