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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.
Quick Maths
Conjuration cantrip
Casting time: 1 reaction or 1 bonus action (Upon missing an attack)
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (A book of mathematics of some sort)
Duration: Instantaneous

Conjure giant wooden numbers and throw them rapidly at the target to make up for your abysmal accuracy with that last attack, Jordan.

Quick maths is cast as a reaction or bonus action, when you make an attack against a creature and miss. Make a ranged spell attack against the same target.

On a hit, roll 1d4. Quick maths will deal slashing damage according to one of the following mathematical equations, in which the variable x represents the amount rolled, and y represents the amount of slashing damage dealt. The equation picked is determined randomly by rolling 1d8.

Quick maths cannot deal less than 1 damage. If the amount of damage dealt does not result in a whole number, the damage is rounded down.

  1. y = x³ ÷ (32 / 3)
  2. y = 10sin(x-0.7) ÷ 2
  3. y = πx² ÷ 3x
  4. y = 1.4x - 3
  5. y = tan(x/4) + 2.2
  6. y = (-6 / x) + 6
  7. y = 5 / x²
  8. y = -x + 4

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