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Planet Popstar[edit]

This setting takes place in the fictional world of Planet Popstar. Popstar is presented in most, if not all, entries of the Kirby series. This setting is colorful, open-ended, and multi-faceted, with many features that only expand upon the setting. It is categorized as being part of the fantasy, science fiction, utopian, and supernatural genres, while also containing some minor superhero and post-apocalyptic themes. The setting of Planet Popstar is full of characteristics that some might call random and dissonant which others may call mystical and charming. In a sense, anything can happen in this world, and anything can solve it.

In terms of narrative and style, this setting is similar to the expected norm of the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The Kirby series, like many other action-adventure series targeted toward younger audiences, places great importance on the concept of good versus evil. Through the eyes of a child-like omnipotent creature, any problem can be solved easily, but that will not always be the case for the beings that live in the world. The trials adventurers can expect to see are hordes of creatures attacking the player, that is if they are putting effort. Most enemies will only become aggressive if they are personally attacked or wronged, leading to many trials being interpersonal. However, that's if you are fighting individuals; the situation is different if you're encountering a group or even a whole population. In terms of magic, it is seeping from every corner of the world. You will find that many of the animalistic creatures are capable of one form of offense that's magical in nature.

Teeming with Power[edit]

Planet Popstar's most densely populated area is a continent called Dream Land, a peaceful country with a carefree populace and abundant resources. Dream Land is a monarchy, with King Dedede as its head of state. While lazy and uninterested in ruling in his early days, he has since come a long way and now rules his kingdom with a kind, if somewhat still mildly lazy attitude. The majority of the inhabitants and citizens are peaceful and carefree, however, some of its inhabitants can be rather dangerous and violent.

This world oozes supernatural power, and as such when there is a problem, it usually goes off with a bang. Domestically, the residents of Planet Popstar can reach a grand size and develop many certain abilities that would render the world to pieces if Planet Popstar wasn't self-sufficient in mending its own celestial body. When the residents of Planet Popstar are killed, they explode or disintegrate into smoke and stardust, usually leaving nothing behind unless the victim was strong enough. There have been many planetary threats that have threatened the wellbeing and livelihood of Planet Popstar; from trying to shroud the world in nightmares and darkness to the complete destruction of Planet Popstar and their surrounding celestial bodies. Many of the big enemies of this land tend to be magically or technologically-inclined individuals, relying on powerful magicks as if they were child's play, like reality-distorting, spatial-temporal displacement, teleportation, and intangibility, and the list goes on.

Setting-Specific Rules[edit]


Magic is innate to the world. So much so that there are many individuals who can use it innately, and at the very least, they have the potential to utilize something that resembles magic. Innate magicks, or cantrips, are easy to perform so much so that every spell can be used as a bonus action. However, if one is proficient enough with their 1st-level spells and higher, they will acquire this attribute too.

A character can cast a spell as a bonus action if their class spell level divided by 2 is greater or equal to the type of spell they want to cast.


This world doesn't rely on any form of currency most of the time. If one is to want something, they must go out searching for it, or they must work for their needs. In small towns, where a form of currency is established, one can either trade in materials for items, to trade it for money. One can always work for currency, as expected, but don't be surprised if you don't earn currency on your missions.


Normally, the maximum score a player-character can have for their level is 20, including multiclassing. However, in this world of limitless potential, one can pick up to 3 classes and maximize their levels to 20, for a total of 60 levels.

Ability Score Maximum[edit]

Normally, the maximum score a player-character can have for any ability is 20. However, the all-powerful nature of Planet Popstar's residents doesn't believe in limits. With enough training on Planet Popstar's miraculous body, you can break your limits and unlock new potential (assuming you were a being that had limits to break in the first place). However, games need restrictions, and thus the "soft cap" is 40. The soft cap means that ability scores will stop at 40, but the stat can still be increased by feats or items. However, the "hard cap" is 50.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

World of Planet Popstar
Divisions of the known universe
Gods of Planet Popstar's universe, their worship, and how they influence the world
Player's Guide
Character Creation
Common: kirbonian, waddle dee, dark matter, popstar beast, floralian, popstar ancient, elfil
Fighter: star warrior, warpstar knight
Backgrounds & Languages
Adventuring Gear
Tools and Vehicles
Potions and Poisons
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Downtime Activities
Dungeon Master's Guide
This world bears many monsters unique to it.
Legendary NPCs
Figures of myth, history, and happenstance
Ruins, dungeons, and temples are littered with various hazards
Marks of Prestige
Epic Boons
Quests, dungeons, and storylines ready for exploration
Tables for random generation of dungeons, encounters, treasure, etc.

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