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Reza is one of the three largest kingdoms in the continent of Okut. It is a kingdom famous for its beautiful and unique architecture of arches and emphasis of non-iconic arts. That said, it is not to be taken lightly in battle, as their war exploits are mighty and rumored to be powered by the favor of gods themselves.


Notable Places[edit]

Mej Halamman

The Mej Halamman is a site of pilgrimage for the deeply religious peoples across all of Okut. Its significance is that the first king in all of Okut supposedly earned his place in the eyes of the gods here, and was gifted three treasures with which he established his long and just rule. This spot is known well for tourism as well as a spot for pilgrims, and boasts an elaborate tomb in addition to the site of the alleged Ascension. The tomb however has supposedly become a site of infamous haunting ever since grave robbers took to it.


Culture and Society[edit]

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