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A red lynel, one of the most common varieties. Source

Lynels appear as towering beasts with the head of a lion, the horns of a goat, the torso and arms of a bestial hylian, and the body of a four-legged stallion such as a horse or zebra. Their bodies are filled with muscle and mostly or entirely covered in fur. The race is renowned for its short temper and physical brutality. Despite their bestial appearance and nature, lynels are exceptionally cunning, and are known to be extraordinary craftsmen.

Aggressive Brutality. Lynels rarely tolerate another creature being close to it. Indeed, anything that wanders too close is quickly subjected to the creature's wrath in a most violent fashion. The lynel race seems to be filled almost universally with brutally powerful warriors who wear almost no clothing, but carry at least two different weapons on them at all times. The sheer combat prowess of a lynel is only enhanced by their race's occasional magic abilities. The weapons lynels craft and wield for themselves are valuable treasures, not only because of their unusually skilled craftsmanship, but the rarity and difficulty in obtaining them.

Nomadic Grazers. Lynels are drawn to open fields where their fleet feet can be put to good use, and the field a lynel chooses to occupy is usually vacated by anything that wishes to preserve its own life. A typical lynel requires an immense amount of nutrition to maintain its extremely athletic form, so it often travels from field to field—purging each one of prey, nuts, and fruits. Although most lynels are loners, occasionally a handful of eight or fewer will form a loose and often short-lived tribe to share resources, train together, or reproduce.

Enlisted by Ganon. Like the more common moblins, lynels have a great reverence for the demon beast known as Ganon. Unlike moblins, lynels' reverence is almost entirely derived for their collective respect for his power. Ganon's forces are fortunate if they include lynels, as these warriors can often be the most powerful individual soldiers available.

Unique Weaponry. The excellent craftsmanship of lynels is most evident in the powerful weapons they fashion for themselves. Some of these weapons include the Lynel Bow and Lynel Crusher. These weapons are rarely found outside the race, or even among Ganon's other forces. Indeed, a lynel's armaments are not relinquished easily. Among humanoid warriors, even one of these weapons is considered both an invaluable trophy and an exceptional asset.

Color Hierarchy. Like many species in Hyrule, the coloration of a lynel cues to its physical prowess. The following lists each variety from weakest to strongest:

  • Orange Lynel: One of these is a nightmare compared to almost any humanoid warrior, but still considered among the least potent of its race. It is one of the few lynels with no magical mastery over flame.
  • Red Lynel: Often of similar appearance but darker shade than orange lynels, red lynels distinguish themselves with fire breath and greater physical prowess.
  • Blue Lynel: These are among the most abundant of lynels, and tend to be of moderate strength by lynel standards.
  • White Lynel: One of the stronger lynel species.
  • Silver Lynel: This titan usually only comes about with the direct blessing of Ganon. Any silver lynel's physical and magical prowess is so immense that other lynels may revere it as akin to a demigod.
  • Golden Lynel: This rare mutant is magically blessed with uncanny swiftness of movement, either by the touch of a sage or an inborn fluke. The variety from Holodrum rivals silver lynels in power, but a golden lynel from Hyrule is in a tier all its own.

As a Player-Character. See Exotic Races (Hyrule Supplement) for race statistics usable by a player-character.

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