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In Hyrule, guardians were created by the ancient Sheikah as weapons to fight the evil of Ganon. Guardians are made from ancient black metal marked with veins of glowing orange light. Ordinary weapons are all but useless against guardians, while they can freely use their potent lasers which are also the source of their greatest weakness as each guardian must fire its laser from its single glowing blue eye, which is its most vulnerable point. Numerous ancient materials can be recovered from destroyed guardians, which can be used by researchers to create powerful gear.

Unfortunately, Ganon's power was such that most of the guardians were corrupted to serve his will instead. A corrupted guardian glows with pink light, rather than the orange light of an uncorrupted guardian.

Constructed Nature. A guardian doesn't require air, food, drink, or sleep.

Forms of guardians include the following:

  • Guardian Stalker - the most well-known form of guardian, carried by six segmented legs
    • Decayed Guardian - years of neglect and exposure to the elements has left this guardian in a degraded condition
  • Guardian Scouts - three-legged guardians deployed in ancient sites both as protectors and as tests for potential heroes
    • Guardian Scout I - the first and weakest kind of guardian scout is only equipped with its inbuilt laser
    • Guardian Scout II - the second kind of guardian scout is equipped with a weapon
    • Guardian Scout III - the third kind of guardian scout wields two weapons
    • Guardian Scout IV - the final and most powerful kind of guardian scout uses three weapons
  • Guardian Skywatcher - created to patrol the skies, skywatchers are held aloft by spinning propellers

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