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Firearms might fire three different kinds of projectile: shot, ball or bullets.

More of such projectiles can be carried compared to arrows. However, it is harder for a firearm user to recover ammunition on the battlefield, and carrying gunpowder is risky.


A ball is a single metal pellet larger than 0.5 inches. 40 balls costs 1 gp.


Shot consists of a packet of small iron or lead pellets, with diameter ranging from 0.5 inches (buckshot) to less than 0.2 inches (birdshot). Shot causes less damage than a ball, but has more chance of hitting a target. 40 packets of shot costs 1 gp.


Firearms that use shot or ball also require gunpowder. These weapons usually require two minor actions to load; one for the gunpowder and then one for the shot or ball. A box of gunpowder good for 40 shots costs 4 gp.


A cartridge is ammunition that packages the gunpowder and a bullet, and precisely fits the chamber of the firearm. After firing, the empty cartridge is ejected from the weapon. Such firearms are often rifled, improving the range of the bullet. 40 cartridges cost 10 gp.

Silvered Ammunition

40 rounds of ball, shot or cartridges can be silvered for 500 gp.

Gunpowder weapons[edit]

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