Revolving Rifle (4e Equipment)

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Revolving Rifle

Superior Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Revolving Rifle +3 1d8 20/40 250 gp 12 lb Firearm Load Free*, Powder Crit

A rifle that can fire six shots before having to be reloaded .


The rifled musket uses gunpowder and ball.

Powder Crit

The rifled musket deals more damage when you score a critical hit with it, though not as much as a High Crit weapon. It deals an extra 2 damage at 1st–10th levels, an extra 4 damage at 11th–20th levels, and an extra 6 damage at 21st–30th levels. This extra damage is in addition to any critical damage the weapon supplies if it is a magic weapon.

Load Free*

It takes a standard action, and both hands, to reload all six chambers. It takes a free action to chamber to the next round.

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