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Homebrew Equipment

Mundane Magical Artifacts
Adventuring Gear (15 items) Armor (14 items) Heroic (2 items)
Alchemical (3 items) Arms Slot Items (7 items) Paragon (3 items)
Armor (13 items) Consumable Items (4 items) Epic (3 items)
Food and Drink (2 items) Hands Slot Items (1 items)  
Implements (3 items) Head Slot Items (7 items)  
Poisons (21 items) Implements (17 items)  
Vehicles (7 items) Mount Slot Items (4 items)  
Weapons (139 items) Neck Slot Items (8 items)  
Rings (4 items)  
Waist Slot Items (2 items)  
Weapons (24 items)  
Wondrous Items (16 items)  
Other Items (1 items)  
All by level (146 items)  

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