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Flechette Gun

Superior Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Flechette Gun +2 1d8 11/22 23 gp 5 lb Firearm Load Two Minor, Shrapnel Crit, Point-Blank Brutal, Small

A short barreled wide mouth cannon, built to fire a special shot of sharp needles rather than pellets causing massive damage on good hits.


The Flechette Gun uses Gunpowder and flechette (40 shots for 2 gp).

Shrapnel Crit

Shrapnel from the gun can lodge itself in wounds, causing lasting damage. On a critical hit with this weapon it deals an additional 1 ongoing damage (save ends), this damage increases to 2 ongoing damage at 11th level and 3 at 21st.

Load Two Minor

It takes two minor actions to load this weapon, one to load the powder and another to load the flechette. The speed loader feat reduces the load time to one minor action.

Point-Blank Brutal

This weapon is deadlier at short ranges before the shot has a chance to spread out. At normal range this weapon has the brutal 1 property.

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