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Existence is everything we know, everything that we are, from the lowest spec of dirt to the most powerful god and his domain. Everything falls into existence, and yet the Great Beyond is outside. In a dark, chaotic world, nothing is as it seems, nothing but that everything wants to grow more powerful at any cost. In a time when the gods are active in the world, a time when the world is about to enter another Great War, a time when demons are starting their very first invasion, a time where one god has killed the rest in his pantheon, a time when even the cursed return, this is the time that Existence now faces, and the time that may very well destroy everything. This is Existence!


This is a word of warning for everyone before reading the following campaign setting. Existence is not a soft, kind world, and those that are easily offended may wish not to read on. Existence is much like Earth was during the early A.D. Existence is a very adult themed world, not in that it is to be rated X by any means, but that many of the events that occur, many of the situations that players may become involved in, are not glossed over for being something dark, or something that we today think is morally wrong. Slavery is not only acceptable in some of the nations; it is necessary for them to survive and even those of a Good alignment see nothing wrong with it. Sexuality is a theme played up in some of the nations, with one nation using elf slaves solely for breeding while another believes that if their queen is not giving birth every year, the world itself shall end. Sexism plays a part as well, with many nations seeing women as a lower standing than males, even so low as to do nothing but run the house and have children. While in at least one nation the exact opposite is true where women run everything and men are little more than slaves. Racism plays as well, with many places seeing different races as inferior, or not even deserving to live simply because of their race. War is a rampant threat, with raids happening constantly. Death is a common factor for everyone, and forced enlistment is hardly unheard of. With the gods taking a more active role in the world religion is more important, with religious wars being one of the most common wars to occur. Enter some nations with the sign of a foreign god and expect nothing more than a swift, painful death.

This world is like this for a reason, it is designed to allow mature players to experience something I have found so few campaign settings to allow, reality. Not everyone is, by nature, good and good things do not always win out in the end. Things we may find morally wrong are accepted in some places, even by the most virtues. Intrigue, plotting, and scheming are all not only possible, but encouraged, with an entire nation designed around the political plotting of its many houses and neighboring nation. Players can do just about anything here, from trying to save the world from a demonic incursion to joining up with the followers of the One and exterminating anyone who refuses to convert. Raid a village, and sell the prisoners off to slavers, or hunt down the slave traders and set the slaves free. Serve a pantheon devotedly and be reborn as an avatar of your faith, or rebel against the gods and destroy them, claiming their power for you own. That is what Existence is all about, and why it requires a much more mature setting than many campaign settings allow. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone, but I ask people to keep an open mind, it is after all, only a game.

Welcome to Existence

Under Heavy Construction, but please feel free to edit for grammar, spelling, and word flow.

If you like what you see enough to play it, please rate. And if you want to thank me for all the work I have put into this creation, it is easy. Make better maps :-). I stink at map drawing.

Information for Everyone

Character Creation
Start making a character for Existence
How Fame works
Learn of the gods within Existence and who worships them

Pathfinder Guild
Information about the young Pathfinder Guild
Find out how the coins of the world work, as well as price changes from the core books
Magic Items
Learn how magical items work in Existence

World Information

The basic timeline as it is understood within the world
Learn more about the different nations that make up Existence
Understanding the many languages of Existence
A quick reference for all the known maps

Information for the DM

Detailed information about the cosmology of Existence
An in-depth history, for the DM alone to read.
Key Events
A little reference page of all the current Key Events occuring in Existence
About Existence and why it was designed this way

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