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General Information[edit]

Fame is just that, how famous a character is. To make things a little easier, fame takes into account both fame and infamy. Thus, a character who does great acts of evil will be just as famous as one who does great acts of good, have access to the same things, and be considered the same in all aspects of Fame. The only difference between good and evil is why someone is helping. A good character is because they are respected and loved, an evil character because they are feared. A character gains 1 fame point for every task they complete for a nation. This fame gained is a nation specific fame, and thus a character completing a couple of missions in Bissel will see no value when they go to Tilia. A character completing greater quests, or defeating more powerful enemies can gain more than 1 fame point at a time, but this is up to the DM. The Pathfinder’s Guild acts as a nation in regards to Fame. Fame has its own rewards, and is something players should really consider when accepting or rejecting mission offers. For every 10 points a character has in fame for a single nation, they gain a +1 bonus to their bluff, diplomacy, intimidate and perform checks while within the borders of that nation, or dealing with a member of that nation. In addition, for every 10 fame points a player has, they gain 1 global fame point. Global Fame is considered fame for every nation, and thus for every 10 global fame points a player has, they gain a +1 to those skill checks in all nations. Every 20 fame points a character has, prices for all goods and services are 5% less while in that nation. 20 global fame points decrease costs by 5% everywhere.

To give an example, let us take assume Timmy has the following fame. Fame (Bissel): 18 Fame (Swizeland): 9 Fame (Tilia): 21 Fame (Global): 3

Fame (Global) is gained by 1 point from Fame (Bissel) and 2 points from Fame (Tilia), while Fame (Swizeland) grants none since it is not at least 10 points. The 3 global fame points are in essence added to each of the other Fame scores when checking to see what bonuses are gained. Below is Timmy’s scores after adding in the Fame (Global). Keep in mind, these are not the actual scores, but the relative score as increased by Fame (Global). Fame (Bissel): 21 Fame (Swizeland): 12 Fame (Tilia): 24

As you can see, the global fame has done quite a bit, because now Timmy has reached the 10 point mark in both Swizeland and Bissel, gaining all the benefits as though they had those Fame points in their nation.

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