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Existence is designed around my desire to have a much more realistic, adult oriented RPG world. I love playing the pre-made worlds out there, but to me, though some are gritty, few seem all that real. While the world might be like Earth was during the Bronze Age, those acts that we now see as morally wrong, such as slavery, purging, religious wars, etc., are all but glossed over in the setting. Sure, they say it exists, but you can't interact with it, can't be a part of it, because it is "wrong". I was tired of this, so I started to think.

What if the Gods were more mortal like than given credit for? A war that raged through existence, created the material plane, and saw the death of thousands of these powerful deities? This was my foundation for Existence, the reason this world is shaped as it is now. The Gods fought, they allied, and those that survived stayed together. The world was influenced by this, and nations took to following a single pantheon, many seeing the belief in others as a heretical belief deserving death. And because of this, there is no single global right and wrong. What is morally right, legal and practiced by even though most devoted to their beliefs, is punishable by death in another region. A world that is not unified will not have a uniform moral system.

I want Existence to be fun, to be enjoyable, and a challenge, but to be realistic as well. If a part of it is not something players agree with, simply keep them from that area, don't delete it from the world. So much is going on all over Existence that players should have no problem existing even in a single nation for their entire career, if other nations have ways of life players find objectionable. I hope this is a fun setting, a lot of time and energy have gone into creating it, and I would love to hear feedback.

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