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The following is a brief summary of major events going on in Existence so that the DM has a quick reference. This information should be kept from the players as it goes into more detail than they should know, but the basic concepts can be passed on. This allows for the players to choose the line of which their campaign goes, but with careful moderation from the DM to ensure that they do not know too much. There are many more things going on, but these are the world changing events currently. For more event ideas, each nation has a Current Affairs portion that gives some ideas of what is going on if the DM wants to create his own adventures based on them.

The Lost North[edit]

The Lost North is going to be revolving around quite a large number of monsters and demons, the later not something that will be seen in most of the world. Deep in the Lost North lays a portal that flickers between this reality and the Great Beyond. Though currently quite weak, it allows a small number of demons to shift through on a regular enough of a basis that they are now posing quite a real threat.

As the number of demons increase, the monsters of the Lost North are forced southwards, and in turn are forcing the monsters of the Deadlands to start moving as well, attacking the outlaying towns in Swizeland and Fertor as well as in the Kryann Mountains. On occasion, a few demons will be seen on this incursion, but the majority are existing in the Lost North, waiting for a leader to arrive who will send them all to battle.

This portal has been created by the Four Horsemen, with the plot of sowing great chaos in Existence once more. Hoping to kill all the mortal followers of the world, their plot is simple destruction, knowing that with no new souls for the gods, the gods will weaken in time and be an easier target. Though the gods suspect the Four Horsemen are behind the demonic incursion, they cannot prove it and none are brave enough to venture through the gate to confront the Horsemen.

The One[edit]

The Elemental Isle used to be made up of a large number of little communities, each one independent of the last. This changed when the first Prophet of the One arose, and after a hundred years of heavy warfare, the entire Isle fell beneath the yoke of the One. This god has killed nearly all the other gods in his pantheon, and allows no followers to live outside of his own. Those who convert are saved, those who do not die. This mentality has ensured that the entire Isle is dedicated, completely, to his worship.

Without an enemy, the elemental half-breeds that make up the Elemental Isle have had time to truly unify, build up their army and navy, and prepare for an all out invasion of the main land. With intent to spread the news of the One, their army set sail and landed in Urganto. Taking over a port city, they are waiting for orders to continue their conquest, and have even sent a Prophet of the One to the capitol city in an attempt to convert the population.

The Soldiers of the One wear heavy armor, are very well trained, and are made up of mostly Oreads, using the Undines as sailors, the Sylphs as scouts and the Ifrits as long range cavalry and skirmishers. Well organized, and deeply devoted to their god, the Army of the One will stop at nothing to conquer the world. Their weapons are almost all enhanced to at least a +1, and a few use special items that are listed below. The Prophets of the One are all extremely high level clerics, and each have control of 4 domains instead of the usual 2.

Bird Folk[edit]

From the Cursed Lands come an increasing number of Tengus raids. These raids are for supplies and females which are carried back to their lands and forcibly turned into Harpies and other mixes between human and bird. The magic that is used erases the minds of the tortured female and leaves her as though she was a natural creature born of her new race. These creatures, especially the harpies, are then sent back to Tilia in an attempt to cause as much unrest as possible, deaths as well if able.

The intent of the Tengus is to use the captured women to breed a stronger, more expendable army that will all a proper invasion of the mainland. So long forced to live on their small island, the Tengus are quite angry and want nothing more than to reach the fertile lands that they have so long been denied.

Impending War[edit]

With the kidnap of three elven nobility from the Great Forest, and the half-elven son of the king and queen of Aarlan, the nations are nearly boiling for war with Belgoria. If this war occurs, the elves and Aarlanians will be allied against a common enemy, moving in to free the elven slaves and put an end to the people of Belgoria once and for all.

With the Triporia Mountains blocking off most invasion routes into Belgoria, if they are attacked by the alliance they fear will invade, they have a very real chance of being destroyed, but doing incredible damage back. Using the choke points the mountains naturally create, they will be able to fight a prolonged war in an attempt to have the people of their enemy nations tire of war and seek peace. The only problem is if the Army of the One sends a force to attack Belgoria from the west while all attention is to the east.


Though likely not a world changing event, Fertor is a land rife with political movement and intrigue and is a perfect setting for those seeking something beyond simple combat. The great families of this nation are starting to rally behind either the Yellow or Green families as the Green ousted the Yellow in a very suspicious way. The Orange family, in charge of all the religious movements in the land and naming the new leader, seems to be in bed with the Green family, and plots even now to bring about the complete ruin of the Yellow family while elevating itself to the seat of queen.

The Kryann Dwarves, typically not one to be involved in such internal politics, are even now meeting to discuss what is going on, wanting to make plans for battle if they are invaded, or to assist one of the two factions if they believe it will prevent a war.

For players, joining with one of the two factions may return the rightful king to the throne, or may go about ensuring that the family who had been putting false kings on the throne for generations never get the chance to again. No matter which side wins, it is likely that at least one, if not many, of the great houses will be ruined forever, and some of the lesser houses may rise in power to become a greater house.

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