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Built for use within the Voidhaven campaign setting.

Distil Essence
9th-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (diamond dust worth 10,000 GP, and the creature from which it is being distilled, both of which are consumed during the casting of this spell).
Duration: Instantaneous

A creature is bound, sprinkled with the diamond dust, and then the words and gestures are followed meticulously.

Each round as the spell casting continues, the creature -which must be conscious for the spell to work- may try to escape the bonds with Strength or Dexterity vs your spell save DC, or the creature may resist the spell using Wisdom vs the caster's spell save DC.

With 10 successful attempts to slip the bonds, the spell fails without the components being consumed and the subject may escape. After 20 successful attempts to resist, the diamond dust is consumed and the spell fails. If the caster intentionally stops casting the spell and the creature has more successful resist attempts than escape attempts, the diamond dust is still consumed.

If the spell is successful, the diamond dust and the creature itself are transmuted into a diamond about the size of a human heart. Resurrection of the distilled creature can only be achieved using the spell True Resurrection, and requires the power crystal created by this spell in place of it's other components (or the Wish spell may be able to return them to life without it).

The newly created power crystal contains one spell slot equal to the highest spell slot available to the creature that was distilled. If the creature had no spell slots and was a celestial, devil, demon, or elemental, the spell slot is equal to the greatest spell slot that a full caster of equal level/CR could cast. Any other creature without the ability to cast a spell grants a 1st level spell slot.

As a bonus action, a creature holding the crystal can consume the power within, gaining a temporary bonus spell slot of equal level. This bonus spell slot lasts until used or until the creature dies. The crystal will not regain it's power until the dawn after the spell slot is either expended or lost to death.

Alternatively, a creature holding a filled power crystal can attune to it. Once attuned, when you would fail a death saving throw, you may expend a spell slot from the crystal to instead succeed on the saving throw. The power crystal regains it's charge at dawn.

These two uses of power crystals are not compatible with one another. Attuned power crystals can't be drained of their spell slot except to succeed on a failed death saving throw.

You may use a full, not attuned power crystal created by this spell instead of using diamond dust when casting it, adding another spell slot to it upon completion of the spell. If the spell fails and the dust would be consumed, the diamond is turned to dust worth about 1,000 GP.

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