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The Hidden Cloud Village, located within the Land of Lightning, primarily trains its shinobi in taijutsu, nintaijutsu, and kenjutsu. High ranking shinobi often have names related to individual letters, while common shinobi have names relating to aspects of their personality.

Cloud Village Genin[edit]

Name CR
Chinoike Genin 3
Futsu 4

Cloud Village Chunin[edit]

Name CR
Atsui 11
Chinoike Chunin 9
Omoi 10

Cloud Village Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Blue B 17
C 15
Chinoike Jonin 13
Darui 16
Dodai 14
Gold and Silver Brothers 16
Toroi 16
Yugito 16

Cloud Village Kage[edit]

Name CR
Darui, Boruto 22
First Raikage 18
Fourth Raikage 20
Killer B 19
Second Raikage 18
Third Raikage 18

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