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Classes which are variants, or mashups of the Rogue core class.

Rogue Variant Classes[edit]

Classes which are variants of the Rogue class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Arcane Assassin They are sneaks, who use their innate magic, and spells to assist in their fights. half
Con Artist A con artist is to social interactions as a barbarian is to combat. A largely non-violent class who uses their charm and panache to get through life.
Infiltrator, Variant
Infiltrator Next to you, a shadow on the wall, inside your head. Infiltrators excel at hiding and at revealing anything which is hidden.
Jumper, Variant A rogue type that has the innate ability to teleport over distances, and uses this to achieve the upper hand on the fight
Kage Literally translating to “shadow”, these are assassins who are strongest unseen.
Master Thief full
Spellthief A thief who grew up using card tricks to get ahead in life. Infuses cards with magic.
Stalker Hidden in the shadows, the Stalker watches, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Rogue Mashup Classes[edit]

Classes which are mashups partly inspired by the Rogue class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Corsair The corsair is a vicious pirate under the service of a patron, deadly and intimidating, capable of shooting or cutting an enemy's head clear off without hesitation. Not for the faint of heart.
Deceiver, Variant
Deceiver half
Detective An inquirer of mysteries and seeker of justice
Dragonhunter A defender class that specializes in team support and trap damage.
Gentleman, 2nd Variant Gentleman, a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man.
Magebow A quick witted mage who uses a magic bow half
Manipulator A bard-like spell caster focused more on manipulation rather than music full
Master Puppeteer A person who uses a puppet as a tool to amplify their abilites. half
Mime, 3rd Variant
Mime, Variant A skilled manipulator who specializes in copying others' abilities, spells, appearance, and voice among other things.
Mime The mime is able to mimic other creatures and objects.
Ninja A highly trained professional warrior of espionage and guerrilla tactics.
Nomad Travelers whose skills and tricks far surpass their abilities in combat.
Predator Deadly,Strong,and stealthy
Psycho They serve only one purpose, stopping the voices, as they attempt to unravel their own thoughts from their corrupted subconsciousness.
Shadow third
Shadow Assassin A assassin which can use dark magic from the shadowfell.
Showman Showman pull the strings of the show without needed to be behind the curtain. They hold their fate in a set of loaded dice and manipulate their foes and allies to great effect on the battlefield
Spy, Variant A stealthy class with high versatility.
Vampire, Stone Mask Variant A normal creature, twisted by an artifact of great power.

Incomplete Rogue Classes[edit]

Incomplete Classes which are variants of the Rogue class or which are mashups inspired by the Rogue class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Agitator A spellcaster whose main goal is to rile up those around them. full
Bandit Don't see any problem with relieving people of their gold.
Basic Rogue An ultra-basic stealthy rogue class
Battle Mage As a battle mage, you gain the following class features. full
Battlefield Trickster A fighter who uses cheap tricks and sleight of hand along with improvised weapons and daring strategy... Also a few spells. third
Child of the Darkness you gain the following features.
Elemental Assassin As an Elemental Assassin, you have chosen the path of the elements (fire, water, earth, and air) to enhance your battle abilities. half
Gentleman Tip top, my good Sir!
Guard Justice bringers with a craving for coffee and doughnuts
Health Mage
Hero of Shield Nem sei mano full
Illusory Duelist An illusory duelist.
Information Mage full
Master Ninja A class based on the master ninja class in Fire Emblem Fates
Mord Sith
Musican of the Lake of Fire
Night Stalker A Stealthy Warrior Who Moves Through The Underside Of The City.
Psychopath They serve only one purpose, stopping the voices, as they attempt to unravel their own thoughts from their corrupted subconsciousness.
Rogue "old school" variant An ultra-basic stealthy rogue class
Scavenger A person who searches for knick-knacks and objects to forms a versatile arsenal.
Scout (ToG) Position from the webtoon comic, Tower of God, made to be used in a campaign based around the setting of the comic. Can be used in other campaigns if allowed by DM. half
Secret Agent A secret operative with charisma and daring.
Shade Maiden An assassin trained in the Underdark to use a variety of enchantments.
Slugslinger half
Spriggan third
The Defect The Defect practices ancient forms of combat, allowing the manipulation of raw magical energy in the form of Orbs. third
The Silent (Slay the Spire Class) A deadly group of hunters and huntresses from the foglands.
Vampire, Seraph 2nd Variant Vampiric things
Vampire Assassin
Vampire Assassin Variant
Void Traveler A Rogue-esque type that has acquired the power to travel the inner planes and is fond of arcane magic. third

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