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See also: 5e SRD:Poisons


Item Type Price per Dose
5e Poison Preload
Anti-Antidote Ingested or Injury 15 gold per dose on the market, but can be made much cheaper.
Anti Magic Oil Injury 50gp
Aviary Death Ingested 1,245 gp
Bane of Life Ingested 300 gp
Black Bile Injury 300 GP
Blood Fire Injury 1,000gp
Cactus Juice Ingested, Injury 100gp
Concentrated Lemon Juice Ingested,Contact 1 GP
Creeper's Sun injury 2,000gp
Dance Fever Contact 12 gp
Death God's Blood Contact 1 000 000 000
Essence of Death Inhaled 500 gp
Fey Whisper Ingested 2,500 gp
Fire-Blood Venom Injury 300 gp
Forever Asleep Ingested 70000 gp
Grim Touch Contact 3,000 gp
Hemlock Ingested 200 gp
Just Your Every-Day Poison Injury 2sp
Medusoid Extract Contacted 5,000
Musics Wraith Contact 100 G
Night's Wraith Ingested 150 gp
Own Worst Enemy Ingested 30gp
Patient Death Ingested 5,000 gp
Phantom poison Ingested or Injury 50 gp
Red Spur Poison Ingested 350 gp
Silver Point Any, except inhaled 25,000 gp
Sleeping Coffee Ingested 10 gp
Sub-N Ingested, Inhaled, Contact, or Injury (Aka yes) 1000P and a magical container
Thyme Ingested 17gp

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