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Price per dose: 17gp
Type: Ingested

This poison is extrememely dangerous, found only in certain parts of the Material Realm, but almost everywhere in the Shadowfell. It can only be harvested from their roots by spellcasters who have anti-magic fields or something of the sort. Now for the effects. Once ingested, it takes 1d20 hours to take effect, but once it does, the target starts to glow blue or red, depending on where the thyme was found. Red only comes from the Shadowfell, while Blue is from the Material Realm. Once the poison takes effect, the target begins to glow, that glow surrounding the area around him in a 10 foot sphere. Anything in that area ages 2d20 years, adding 1d20 for every extra dose added, de-aging if blue. The antidote is simple. Give the poisoned individual the opposite thyme poison. That will negate the effects and bring the poisoned individual back to normal.

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