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Red Spur Poison[edit]

Price per dose: 350 gp
Type: Ingested

To brew a Red Spur Poison, gather the following ingredients and follow the recipe as close as possible.

3 Nightshade Petals
1 Red Spur Flowers
2 Island Needles
5 drops of Blood Tree Sap
3 Blue Mountain Flower

Grind the Nightshade Petals until it becomes a power then put it into a small container and add the Blood Tree Sap then mix it into a paste. In a separate container boil 2 oz of water and then add the Red Spur Flowers and the Blue Mountain Flowers. Stir the mixture until the water turns to a blueish color. Mix the Nightshade Root / Blood Tree Sap mixture with the Red Spur Flower / Blue Mountain Flower mixture and mix. Finally add the Island Needle, stir, and then freeze the mixture.

This process will take 1 hour to complete and will create a 1 oz vial of Red Spur Poison.

Red Spur Poison is tasteless and scentless, the more Red Spur Flower added the more potent the poison becomes. A creature subjected to this poison must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes the victim takes 2d8 + 2X poison damage where X is equal to the number of Red Spur Flowers added, therefore the more Red Spur Flowers added the more true damage done to the target. Each additional Red Spur Flower added to the red spur poison makes the potion cost 100 additional gold.

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