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NPCs ECL 30 or more

NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Aelan Mooneye High Fey Elf wizard 12/fighter 6/elf paragon 3/archmage 5/elven high mage 10/sword of righteousness 3 Powerful spellcasting High Fey Elf.
Archmage Coeus Half-Celestial Aasimar Wizard 7 Loremaster 19 Archmage 5 Archmage Coeus is the General in Sapparizan and has become extremely arrogant about his bloodline.
Dawner Cherished Hu Child Hybrid Elite Warrior 30 A warrior of solid build and short dark hair. He paints two green marks under his left eye and weilds a massive greatsword. It is said he fought his own spirit shadow for four years and won. He is now the Retainer of the Shinma Clan and the Keeper of Shinma Holy Mountain.
Egill Skallagrimsson of Thylemark Human (Æskmann) (Gestalt) Skald 27/Viking 5–Healer 12/Loremaster 10/War Chanter 10 Egill has become, through his adventures, the most famous Skald in all of the North.
Epa Brainbasher voidmind war troll sorcerer 1/abjurant champion 5/pale master 10/elemental savant 10/ranger 1/abolisher 1/master of many forms 10 Undisputed empress of an underkingdom of trolls, and hated foe of mind flayers.
Eykanos Drakulzen Human Wizard 30/Archmage 5—Fighter 2/Rogue 2/Cleric 1 Archmage who has lived more lives than most would want.
Jess Atmore Elemental (human) Sorcerer 1/ Wizard (Conjuration) 4/ Ultimate Magus 10/ Elemental Savant 10/ Red Wizard 5/ Arcane Savant 10 Sorcerer specializing in interdimensional travel.
Karura (3.5e Deity) Outsider Outsider 20/ Sandbender 30 Karura, also known as Mother of the Sands, and Goddess of the Burning Wastes is the daughter of Azul. She rules over the temperate and warm wastelands.
Khaa'n Kenku Lich Rogue 25 Cult King of the merchant city
Nami Mako sea spirit folk gestalt druid 30-shugenja 20/celestial mystic 10 Bastion of peace.
Saiy'quen Ghilmalos Human Shadowcaster 12/Warlock 12/Abyssym 10/Swordsage 2
Sam Rust Monster, Advanced, Paragon, Augmented Advanced, Paragon, Augmented Rust Monster.
Sylvar Moonforge Elf Wizard 100 A elf deity who founded wizardry and works towards keeping order.

NPCs with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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