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Aelan Mooneye

CR 39

Male high fey elf wizard 12/fighter 6/elf paragon 3/archmage 5/elven high mageRoF 10/sword of righteousnessBoED 3
NG Medium humanoid (elf)
Init/Senses +12/low-light vision ×3, darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +11 (+13 if familiar within 5 ft.), Spot +8 (+10 if familiar within 5 ft.)
Aura magic circle against evil, courage (+4 moral against fear, 30 ft.)
Languages Elf, Common, 23+ more languages, empathic link
AC 38, touch 23, flat-footed 30; Dodge, +2 defending
(+8 Dex, +15 armor, +5 deflection)
hp 242 (39 HD)
Immune magic sleep, magic missile (101 points of damage), electricity, mind-affecting effects
SR 23
Fort/Ref/Will +20/+25/+23 (+27 against enchantment, +25 against fear and despair effects); +1 against electricity, petrification, cold, acid, fire, poison
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee +5 holyB vorpal adamantine longsword +38/+33/+28 (1d8+11/19–20 and sever head, +4 to confirm threat) or
Melee +2 holyB defending keen spell storing mithral dagger +32/+27/+22 [1d4+8/17–20 plus hold person (DC 21)]
Ranged +4 holyB longbow +36/31/26 (1d8+4 plus 3d6 electric) or
Ranged holyB javelin of precisionAaEG +35/+30/+25 (1d6+6 plus Improved Precise Shot)
Base Atk/Grp +23/+29
Atk Options Knight of StarsBoED, Quick Draw, Sanctify Martial StrikeBoED (longsword), Words of CreationBoED (creation), javelin of lightning (5d6 lightning bolt, DC 14), spell storing [hold person (DC 21)], +2 defending
Special Actions Gift of DiscernmentPGtF, turn undead 4/day (+1, 2d6+16, 15th), arcane fire
Combat Gear scepter of goodBoED, the crown of goodBoED, orb of goodBoED, ring of spell turning, staff of the magi (50 charges)
Arcane Epic Spells Prepared (CL 25th, 10% arcane spell failure chance, share spells, mastery of elements, mastery of shaping):
summon behemoth (SDC 5), time duplicate (SDC 8)
Spells Prepared (CL 25th, 10% arcane spell failure chance, share spells, mastery of elements, mastery of shaping):
9th—Mordenkainen's disjunction (DC 27), shapechange, summon monster IX, wish (DC 27)
7th—Bigby's grasping hand, limited wish (DC 25), mass teleportMoF, Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion
6th—contingency, disintegrate (+32 ranged touch, DC 25), globe of invulnerability, Tenser's transformation
5th—hold monster (DC 23), overland flight, teleport (DC 23), transmute rock to mud (DC 24), wall of stone (DC 23)
2nd—familiar pocketCAr, invisibility, knock, Melf's acid arrow (+32 ranged touch), minor image (DC 20), web (DC 20)
1st—charm person (DC 19), color spray (DC 19), comprehend languages, identify, sleep (DC 19), Tenser's floating disk, true strike
0—detect magic ×3, ray of frost (+32 ranged touch)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th):
At will—guidance
Abilities Str 23, Dex 27, Con 14, Int 26, Wis 19, Cha 12
SQ automatic Search check within 5 ft., summon familiar, cannot speak lies, cannot refuse pleas of help, half price goods and services for planar ally, seed affinity (summon ×2, transform ×2)
Feats AlertnessB (familiar), Celestial FamiliarBoED B, Craft Wondrous ItemB, Craft Magic Arms and ArmorB, DodgeB, Epic Prowess, Epic Skill Focus [Knowledge (arcana)], Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Epic SpellcastingB, Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus (longsword), Eschew Materials, Forge Ring, Gift of DiscernmentPGtF B, Gift of FaithBoED B, Great Constitution, Great Intelligence, Ignore Material ComponentsB, Improved InitiativeB, Knight of StarsBoED, Nimbus of LightBoED B, Quick DrawB, Power Critical (longsword), Sanctify Martial StrikeBoED B (longsword), Scribe ScrollB, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spell Focus (evocation), Spell Focus (transmutation), Spell Focus (Good)BoED B, Spellcasting ProdigyPGtF, Weapon FocusB (longsword), Words of CreationBoED B
Skills Bluff +3, Climb +21, Concentration +36, Craft (alchemy) +24, Craft (calligraphy) +17, Decipher Script +22, Diplomacy +11, Gather Information +2, Handle Animal +5, Heal +7, Hide +14, Intimidate +17, Jump +13, Knowledge (arcana) +47, Knowledge (dragon lore) +13, Knowledge (dragons) +14, Knowledge (dreams) +10, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (monsters) +16, Knowledge (portals & gates) +10, Knowledge (the planes) +11, Listen +11 (+13 if familiar within 5 ft.), Lucid Dreaming +5, Move Silently +17, Profession (astrologer) +11, Ride +25, Search +14, Sense Motive +16, Speak Language +23, Spellcraft +63, Spot +8 (+10 if familiar within 5 ft.), Survival +8, Swim +15
Possessions combat gear plus masterwork dagger, +5 vorpal adamantine longsword, +4 lightning blast longbow, javelin of lightning, javelin of precisionAaEG, armor of the celestial battalion, ring of protection +5, bracers of epic armor +15, cloak of elvenkind and resistance +4, boots of elvenkind, brooch of shielding, gloves of dexterity +6, belt of epic strength +8, 598 gp
Arcane Epic Spells Known epic spells prepared plus Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Bharrai, SDC −17), Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Kharash, SDC −25), Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Manath, SDC −43), Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Sathia, SDC −15), Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Talisid, SDC 5), Channel Celestial ParagonBoED (Vhara, SDC −23)
Spellbook spells prepared plus
0—all 0-level wizard spells
Arcane Fire (Su) +32 ranged touch, 600 ft. range, deals 5d6 damage + 1d6 per spell level used to create.
Mastery of Counterspelling When the Aelan counterspells a spell, it is turned back upon the caster as if it were fully affected by a spell turning spell. If the spell cannot be affected by spell turning, then it is merely counterspelled.
Mastery of Elements Aelan can change the energy type of any spell with the descriptors acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic at the time he begins casting the spell.
Mastery of Shaping Aelan can alter burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, and spread spells to create spaces within the spell’s area or effect that are not subject to the spell. The minimum dimension for these spaces is a 5-foot cube. Furthermore, any shapeable spells have a minimum dimension of 5 feet instead of 10 feet.
Spell Power for purposes of determining level-dependent spell variables such as damage dice or range, and caster level checks, Aelan's effective caster level increases by +1.




CR —

Male mustevalBoED
NG Tiny outsider (extraplanar, good, guardinalBoED)
Init/Senses +4/darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +7, Spot +2
Languages Celestial, tongues, empathic link, speak with animals (CL 8th), speak with master
AC 26, touch 16, flat-footed 22
(+2 size, +4 Dex, +10 natural)
hp 141 (39 HD)
Immune electricity, petrification
SR/Resist 17/acid/cold 10, improved evasion
Fort/Ref/Will +19 (+23 against poison)/+22/+21
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), burrow 10 ft.; focused movement
Melee bite +29 (1d3−2)
Space/Reach 2 1/2 ft./0 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +23/+13
Atk Options deliver touch spells
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd):
Abilities Str 7, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 13
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Balance +7, Climb +7, Escape Artist +9, Hide +17, Jump +0, Listen +7, Move Silently +9, Sleight of Hand +9, Survival +7, Tumble +6, Use Rope +4 (+6 bindings)
Focused Movement (Ex) When moving, Zip can take a move action and a standard action at any point during the move. Zip cannot take a second move action during a round when he uses his focused movement ability.


In Carallion, Aelan is the Lord Protector of Elves and High Mage, Aelan is a Fey Elf with silver hair. He is unusually focused for an Elf and is considered very young for one so talented in the magical arts at barely 350 years. Unlike many of his kind, Aelan is a Wizard rather than a Sorcerer.

Aelan is a wanderer, offering his help and assistance to those who require it. He is quite famous among Elves, but less so with Humans, except among Wizards. He holds an honourary chair at the Collegium of Glan Dirak. He is a well known associate of the Church of Galtor, the Deity of Magic and has performed many missions for it. He has a number of faithful traveling companions, including Zip his Pseudodragon and Khm'nlynn, a young adult golden dragon, who serves as his mount on occasion.

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