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Eykanos Drakulzen

CR 55

Male Human
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init/Senses +16/Listen +26, Spot +26
Languages all
AC 97, touch 61, flat-footed 84
(+16 Dex, +4 shield, +13 Natural armor, +16 Wis, +1 monk's Belt, +5 boots of Tireless Crusader)
hp 1180 (40 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +344/+51/+52
Speed 90 ft. (18 squares)
Melee Staff of Leadership (1d6/1d6+25/ ×2)
Ranged Frost Gun +68 (2d8+8/1d10 cold/1d10 sonic) & Flame Gun +68 (2d8+8/1d10 fire/1d10 force)
Base Atk/Grp +20/+44
Special Actions arcane fire, fast healing 20, damage reduction 10/epic, resistance fire/cold 10, SR 70,
Combat Gear Boots of Tireless Crusader, Amulet of Draconic Dominance, Ring of True Belief , Ring of Unending Peace , Monk's Belt, Vest of Archmagi, Staff of Leadership, Flame Gun, Frost Gun
Abilities Str 37, Dex 42, Con 39, Int 54, Wis 43, Cha 39
SQ Immortal, Eiditic Spellcasting
Feats Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Combat Casting, Spell Focus (Evocation), Sudden Maximize, Eschew Materials, Magical Aptitude, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Scribe Scroll, Quicken Spell, Maximize Spell, Craft Staff, Forge Ring, Epic Spellcasting, Improved Spell Capacity, Exotic Weapon Prficiency (Revolvers), Quick Draw, Craft Epic Arms and Armor, Forge Epic Rings, Brew Potion, Craft Rod
Skills Appraise +35, Balance +27, Bluff +27, Climb +29, Concentration +72, Craft (Weapons) +74, Craft (Armor) +72, Craft (Alchemy) +80, Craft (Stonemasonry) +73, Decipher Script +67, Diplomacy +31, Disguise +25, Escape Artist +27, Forgery +35, Gather Information +30, Handle Animal +30, Heal +29, Hide +29, Intimidate+32, Jump +28, Knowledge (Arcana) +78, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) +73, Knowledge (Dungeonneering) +73, Knowledge (Geography) +76, Knowledge (History) +78, Knowledge (Local) +72, Knowledge (Nature) +72, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +73, Knowledge (Religion) +77, Knowledge (The Planes) +78 , Listen +26, Move Silently +29, Open Lock +31, Perform (Oratory) +29, Perform (String Istrument) +30, Ride +32, Search +46, Sense Motive +31, Sleight of Hand +28, Spellcraft +80 Spot +26, Survival +26, Swim +28, Use Magic Device +26, Use Rope +26
Patron Deity Ao
Arcane Overload(Ex) So full of arcane energy, some overflows as distracting lights. He suffers a −2 penalty to Spot and Listen. This flaw entitles him to a bonus feat.
Phantom Sounds(Ex) Followed around by unknown spirits who make sounds to attract others to him. He suffers a −2 penalty to Hide and Move Silently. This flaw entitles him to a bonus feat.
Immortal Ex: Upon reaching adulthood, Eykanos Drakulzen does not suffer any penalties or gain any bonuses due to aging. Eykanos Drakulzen never dies as a result of his age.

"This tall man appears both old and young at the same time. Has a haughty bearing, but so would you after over 4000 years. Power emminates from him in waves. He thinks before he speaks, weighing his response with how it will reflect the Balance, which he has worked to keep for millennium."

Eykanos Drakulzen[edit]

Eykanos Drakulzen is the creator and ruler of the Pentacle Fortress. The largest free city left in the world. He has ruled since its creation over 4 centuries ago. Eykanos Drakulzen selected the location for the isolation it offered, and the fact that it sat in perfect symmetry to the world around it.

Eykanos Drakulzen is the child of the overgod Ao and a mortal cleric of the sun. Ao selected her for her devotion to the sun god and her beauty. Eykanos was left in the monastary as a child and was always drawn to the Art of Magic, asking questions most thought beyond his age. Was apprenticed to a Diviner, but quickly outgrew his "Master." Traveled the world for his own purposes until he was an Archmage of great might.

He was contacted by the overgod at this point to take up his mission. Ao needed a representative in the material plane to serve as his hero, but Eykanos needed to prove himself to Ao. Ao sent him on 2 tests. 1) to survive for a century without his most prescious possession, His Art. 2) to live as a member of 4 other races for a period of no less than 50 years each.

He succeeded in both tests, and was granted his most valuable material possessions after completion of each. His Triad of Power the Amulet of Draconic Dominance || Ring of Unending Peace and Ring of True Belief. Together these 3 Major Artifacts have allowed him to accomplish that which most of his power wish to overthrow, The Balance.

Through the millenia Eykanos has worn hundreds of names, and thousands of faces. He has overthrown overlords and criminal masterminds. He has undermined religious zealots and thwarted at least 4 apotheosis'. He has worked with Arch-Devils, Arch-Demons, Arch-Angels, Demigods, Greater and Lesser Powers, all to keep the balance alive. Earning him numerous enemies and admirers. Has guided several apprentices to mastery of the Art.

His greatest rival is actually his own Grandson, Keynn Greyblade, a Lich who has attempted to steal the power of the fortress on many occasions.

The Pentacle Fortress is a massive 5 sided city with 30 foot high Adamantine walls that stretch for a mile on each side. All put in place by Eykanos himself. It took him six years to build it from the ground up. He has deals with the local population to not disturb him, and in exchange he will not destroy them. Has been approached by leaders of the various races and has let them into his fortress. Currently the Pentacle Fortress houses between 5,000 and 7,500 refugees of the various races, many of whom are the last survivers of their clans.

These days he mostly stays in his city unless called upon with great need. He has a love of art and literature, with the larges private library and collection of art in the known world.

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