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Members of this group is particularly good at fighting with weapons, whether natural or manufactured.

Homebrew Combat-Focused Racial Paragon Classes
Name Rating1
(out of 20)
Type2 Description3
Arashi no ōkam NR Combat Focused, Divine Ability, Canine, Complete, Racial Paragon A paragon class for Kuldifolk.
Aroghin Paragon NR Combat Focused Overcoming their weaknesses, they gain a great enduring strength.
Burrow Gnome Paragon NR tank, combat focused, skilled, good guy Your strength and determination are deceiving given your small stature.
Choco-Warrior NR Combat-Focused The combat-oriented class exclusively for chocobos.
Cursed child of Trigon NR Racial paragon <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Diopsid Paragon NR Racial Paragon, Can be any alignment, probably with either Lawful or Good The Diopsid are an insect race from the Dragon Compendium (an excellent book by Pazio Publishings, its a compendium of Dragon Magazine articles.) The Diopsid Paragon is the defender of the races underground tunnels.
Dragon NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Dragon Paragon NR Racial Paragon A Dragon Paragon is the epitome of Dragonkind. It perfects the abilities and powers that a Dragon possesses innately.
Genie NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Half-Dragon NR Racial, Combat-Focused A way to be a Half-Dragon that isn't filled with suck. You do not already need to be a Half-Dragon to take this paragon class. In fact, it wouldn't even make sense if you did.
Half-Ogre Paragon NR Chaotic / Evil / Neutral, Combat Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Human Paragon, Variant NR Combat-Focused, Stealthy, Moderate Spellcasting The epitome of humanity.
Kittelic NR Stealthy, Combat Focused Kittelars who grasp the essence of night and darkness and use it to their benefits.
Lizardfolk, Variant NR Combat Focused A class for the superior Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Paragon NR Combat Focused A racial paragon class for Lizardfolk that doesn't suck
Lycanthropic Paragon NR Combat Focused A Lycanthope that channels his inner beast, and grows stronger by doing so.
Malleasan Paragon NR Combat-Focused, Racial Paragon Malleasan Paragons gain even greater control of their bodies, and the elemental energies they are imbued with. As such, they become even greater adversaries to those they were already formidable opponents to.
Mummy Paragon NR Spellcasting, combat focused The Mummy Paragon is an exceptionally tough mummy.
Nalielmus Paragon NR Racial Paragon Nalielmus Paragons are even better swimmers, and even more gifted thanks to the special brand of chaos that infects their minds.
Nanelzian Paragon NR Racial Paragon Nanelzians who truly embrace their heritage become beings of great magical power. They cease to mimic humans, and ascend.
Natalupe Paragon NR Combat Focused The Natalupe is a hunter, the wolf of the seas. The paragon of hunters, the natalupe learns to tap into their bestial strength.
Snowbounder NR Combat Focused Snow rainid rangers who have remarkable jumping abilities, allowing them to leap in and out of combat.
Spike Lord Paragon NR Combat Focused, Skilled, Racial Paragon A spike lord paragon is a spike lord who extended and grown his earth elemental plane origins.
Swamp Elf Warrior NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Wood Elf Paragon 19 Combat-Focused, Stealthy Sylvan warriors, the embodiment of wood elf virtues.
  1. Shows the rating other users have given the class out of 20. Unrated classes are labeled "NR" and not fully rated classes are labeled "NFR". The rating is from the actual class's page; it is not made on this page. Follow the following link to learn more: Rating System.
  2. A general category the class fits into. e.g. Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused, etc.
  3. A concise description of the class—should advertise the class.
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