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Seeing as I pretty much have started to frequent this site and have made a good amount of contributions, I might as well make a page.


Hi, my name is DonMafia and I have played DnD for a few years now. I am not exactly a veteran, but I definitely know a lot more than the casual player so I am somehwat in between those two. I am familiar with DnD 5e and Vampire the Masquerade(VtM) 20th Anniversary Edition.

What do I do here?[edit]

Good question. Pretty much I either look around the site and see what needs fixing or I create some of my own stuff, which are all martial based as I have zero experience with playing any kind of spellcaster class so I avoid touching those for fear of messing it up.

So pretty much expect my creations or contributions to focus on any class that doesn't have a spell on it.

Oh yeah, my username is also the same from Discord.



Gunslinger, 5th Variant (5e Class) Pretty much my take on the Gunslinger class and my first big creation on this site.
Prototype (5e Class) Was dissatisfied with the other Prototype classes here so one all nighter and a coffee later, this was born.
Imperial Guardsman (5e Class) A love letter to the WH40K franchise and I honestly am surprised there wasn't one here. So I fixed that.
Slinger (5e Class) Slings have been shafted in DnD 5e so this is my way of giving the Sling the proper respect it deserves.
Medabot (5e Class) A love letter to my childhood. This class allows you to create your own Medabots, allowing you to make your own unique Medabot that suits you and your character the best. This is my biggest creation thus far.


Path of the Raging Fortress (5e Subclass) My take on the Heavy Armor Barbarian idea and I think it worked out quite well.
Path of Graceful Rage (5e Subclass) A subclass for Dex Barbarians so that they also can partake in Rage and Reckless Attacks.
Weapon Specialist (5e Subclass) A Fighter subclass that emphasizes mastery of a specific weapon group.


Plainsborn (5e Race Variant) A man's gotta go fast and see in the dark so yeah this is it.
Porcumen (5e Race) Created a race of porcupine people that can naturally shoot quills from their heads.


Weapon Master, 4th Variant (5e Feat) My take on the Weapon Master feat.
Steel Body (5e Feat) If you gotta have abs of steel, you might as well do so literally.


I am not going to list all of them, but here are the ones I've made significant efforts to the page.


Omega Soldier (5e Class) Huge effort to rebalance most of the features as the class was definitely OP. Full details can be seen at the discussion page.
Soaring Soldier (5e Class) Had to nerf and change a lot of the features in the class to rebalance it. Full details can be seen at the discussion page.
Apollyon (5e Class) Rebalanced most if not all of the features and reworked a good portion of it as it would easily break bound accuracy by having a Strength score of more than 30 easily. Full details can be seen at the discussion page.
Kickboxer (5e Class) Rebalancing mostly as most of the features were actually alright and just needed some restrictions or nerfing to keep it in line.


Path of the Brute (5e Subclass) Reworked the entire subclass and added fluff.
Path of the Calm (5e Subclass) Reworked a few features and added a ton of fluff.
Path of The Strongest (5e Subclass) Reworked a few features and reworded some confusing statements.
Path of the Drunken Brawler (5e Subclass) Reworked the features to be less Monk more Barbarian, hopefully staying true.
Path of the Titan V (5e Subclass) Rebalanced a few things.
Path of the Titan VI (5e Subclass) Also Rebalanced a few things.
Path of The Lightning Rager (5e Subclass) Completed the page with fluff and changing some of the feats.
Bow Master (5e Subclass) Reworked some of the feats whilst adding in fluff.
Way of the Soul Crusher (5e Subclass) Reworked some of the feats, modified some of the existing ones, and added clarification to the saving throws in the features.
Way of the Reaper (5e Subclass) Nerfed some of the feats, modified the 6th level feat, and added clarification to the saving throws in the features.
Way of the Perfect Fist (5e Subclass) Removed parts from all Features, changed Mastery of Body to Soul's former secondary feature with changes, and adjusted and modified Perfection of the Self.
Way of the Ki Blocker, Variant (5e Subclass) Have helped clarify the mechanics of its features, added in Sever the Halves, and helped balance the subclass.


Crystallized Ranger (5e Feat) Got it out of Abandoned by adding in some needed fluff and a bunch of features to make it not a one-trick feat.
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