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Trades are determined by your Backround and are essentially Classes. Each level up you can put a level into one of your trades, giving you a new feat, ability score change, etc.

Class features are now determined by backround rather than class or trade.

Some trades, Such as Shooting, Melee, and Crafting are considered Major Trades which have 20 levels. While all other trades are Minor Trades and have 10 levels.

There are three ways to level trades. You can gain one 1d2 (coinflip) levels in any trade as a downtime activity. The second way is to find a trade book and read it, which can be done during a short or long rest as long as the book is in your inventory (more information in Other Goods and Services). The third way of gaining levels in trades is having a level granted to you by the DM by doing something impressive related to that trade. For example, if you dealt the killing blow to a powerful creature using a melee weapon you can be granted a level in melee. It is the DMs ultimate decision if you get a point, and this should be used as a way to reward player achievements rather than being your main way of getting levels.


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