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Across the rim, there are things known as Benches which can be used to research and create several things. DMs interested to run Rimworld should be sure to scatter these wherever appropriate. Most benches require a certain level of intellect to use.

0 Levels of Intellect[edit]

Crafting Spot - Level 2, 5 and 3 crafts can be made.

Level 1 Intellect[edit]

Fueled Stove - Can be used to cook rations, gourmet rations, and any other food can be made.
At Bench - Can be used to make pots, sculptures, and statues. This includes forgeries.
Brewery - Can be used to make various types of alcohol.

Level 2 Intellect[edit]

Tailor Bench - Can be used to make any clothing. Useful for disguises.
Smithy - Can be used to make Level 2, 5, 3, 4, and 12 crafts.

Level 3 Intellect[edit]

Electric Smelter - Can be used to make steel for crafting, as well as melt down objects into metal.

Level 4 Intellect[edit]

Component Assembly Bench - Can be used to make Components (And Advanced components at level 6 intellect) for crafting.

Level 5 Intellect[edit]

Deep Drill - Can be operated to get metal or gems at the DM’s discretion.

Level 6 Intellect[edit]

Fabrication Bench - Can be used to make anything aside from poisons and magic items.

Level 7 Intellect[edit]

Biofuel Refinery - Can turn wood or food into biofuel, which can then in turn be used to fuel many machines.

Level 8 Intellect[edit]

Machining Table - Can be used to make machines like futuristic weapons, deconstruct mechanoids, construct constructs.

Level 9 Intellect[edit]

Drug Lab - Can be used to make drugs and poison.
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