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The Records of Suffering[edit]

The horrors of this age were written in thirteen thick volumes. These were documented by the prototype society that would eventually become the Mindful Eye in the later era.

Formation of the Continents[edit]

Following the fall of the God Splitter, the continents drifted apart from their original state and underwent a series of calamitous changes. Climates changed, seas churned, crops died and their farmers and consumers with them.


Divine Scorn[edit]

Sunken Erunis[edit]

One of the earliest kingdoms to recover from the God Splitter was Erunis, on a corner of the continent Okut. While it was a small kingdom, their population and way of life had been fortunate enough to survive mostly intact through the horrific changes elsewhere on the planet. However, their fortune was seen as heresy by the surrounding tribes who lived in the area, particularly from modern-day Hunter Lands. These groups, to survive the harsh hand dealt to their tribes, banded together under the banner of dark gods like Hek and Espera. Using dark magic, they waged war against Erunis to take it over. While they were initially unsuccessful, legend has it that they succeeded in conjuring a massive army of spiderkind that overran the kingdom entirely. Seeing the use of such magics and the depravity of the situation, it was Shabast who used the God Splitter one last time and sunk the entire kingdom, spiderkind cultists and all. The mark of the powerful weapon left scars in the surrounding area and created the Shredded Womb.


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