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Standard Races[edit]

These races represent the major races on Miriandis, those which are avaliable to players and (somewhere) have a nation/sizable faction.

These races can be found, as said above, in nations/sizable faction, on the main three continents in enough mass to be found in any major city. There are Many Many other creatures that call Miriandis home, if your DM allows it and can handle the different play style (and your on one of the three main continents) it should work with the world around. However monsters are still monsters, an Ogre Mage may be able to walk into Aaqa, trade with humans and other monsters, but if he were to go just a few miles to the west into Orz (the capitol of the nation Aaqa is in) he would be killed as soon as the city guard saw him approching. If your a monster be prepared to have to fight for your life, not every where you go will be as okay with what you are as the area you start in. The DM shouldnt have to cheat to keep you alive if you choose a monster race, dont expect to be warned if a city is friendly or not, if your a monster your probably going to be stuck doing what every monster does, fight for everything you get and probably die when adventurers find you. But...you can play a monster.

All standard LA and Racial HD apply.

You may have noticed a lack of elves, this is intentional, please read the history, specifically the second age.

  • Half Elves can be a playable race, the elven race did exist and in some ways still does through their half-offspring, however the half-elves of this age are all very human and while the elven blood in them still flows strong half-elves have the same mind set and temperament as humans (before back stories).

How the races are presented in classic DnD is not how they are here, in the history section you can read about what each of these (and other) races have ended up after the cataclysm of the past.

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